Does anyone know what day it is ? Anyone? Christmas was on a Sunday, OK so Monday, Tue- it’s Tuesday! Definitely Tuesday. Oh no hang on, has it been two days or three?

Every year we have this weird week of not knowing much for certain, other than our bank accounts have been well and truly drained and our tummies have been well and truly stuffed. In a Quality Street-induced sugar coma we bumble our way through the post-Christmas fog, trying to find homes for the mountain of ‘stuff’ that has appeared and wondering how long until we can start boxing up the baubles and getting the house back into some sort of order.

I like Christmas as much as the next person but as soon as Boxing Day arrives I’m done. Over it. My tolerance for Bublé and baubles has a limit and it’s been reached. It’s usually around this time, while rustling through the wrappers (throw them in the bin) for a good one, that my thoughts turn to the New Year. Aaah the promise of a fresh new start, full of dreams, life goals and as many half-price Boots gift sets as I can fit under my arms, chin(s) and between my knees.

Yep, come January 1st 2017 things are gonna change around here, ya here me?! I’m gonna climb the highest mountain, I’m gonna swim the deepest sea, I’m gonna, gonna…..ooh, mini Bounty – ha! Missed that one, suckers.

It took me over twenty years (from the age of 13!) to realise that ‘Lose Weight’ was neither a realistic nor necessary New Year’s Resolution given my aversion to anything remotely sport-related and the fact I was never really overweight. Now that I’m a (reluctant) grown up I actually enjoy the whole process of acknowledging successes of the year gone by: start a blog- tick, run 5k without stopping- err…pending; and goal setting: grow the blog, run 5k without stopping. New Year’s resolutions are less about the juice cleanse, more about the #lifegoals.


I do love a personal project and have been known to fill all sorts of notebooks, charts and spreadsheets (yes, spreadsheets) eagerly in the quest to *insert mission of the moment*. Last month I received a book called ‘The Elephant In The Mirror’ by Annette Earl. At first I assumed it was related to body confidence but I discovered it was about so much more than that (literally don’t judge a book by it’s cover – lesson learnt!). The author is a qualified life coach with with an interest in women’s well-being and the book looks at ways to identify and improve feelings of low-confidence or insecurity in all areas of life whether it be relationships, money, diet, career or something else.

Now I often wish I was the type of person who could get lost in a book for hours on end but for whatever reason I’ve never been able to manage it. This book is written in such a friendly and lighthearted manner however that you feel like Annette is just chatting to you personally and guiding you through the chapters. She covers the subjects of confidence, influences and authenticity and helps you identify areas where you need to make changes while holding your hand along the way.  There are lots of little exercises to do as you work your way through each section (my copy is more like a workbook now, full of scribbles and highlights!) and it was such a worthwhile read. I identified where I was holding back or at least not helping myself to move forward- surprisingly in relation to areas of my life where I thought I was ‘sorted’. Who knew?


Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror (literally and metaphorically) but if you’re feeling in need of a little post Christmas sort- your-life-out inspiration this is a great place to start. It’s the kind of book you can revisit again and again because let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement- think of it as a little life-coach in your pocket but without the appointment fees. Oh, and for those of you who can’t bring yourself to deface your shiny new copy you can even download the worksheets separately here so no excuses – go sort your life out!

Click here to view on Amazon (available in paperback or Kindle)


I was sent a copy of The Elephant In The Mirror free of charge. This post is an honest review.

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  1. Sounds good – I’ll take a look. My confidence levels seem to. E getting worse year by year. Apparently I shouldn’t ‘care’ by now but I do, oh to much.
    Ps. Get your hands off all the soft centres – they’re mine! 😉

  2. It’s not just me that’s all Bubleyed out?! And I’ve spend all day thinking it was Thursday!!! I’m so confused! I was chortling about spreadsheets and lists because despite having my super dooper Arc organiser, mr T bought me the loveliest notebook with page numbers and an index which just screamed ‘make me into a bullet journal and fill me with lists!’ So I bought a posh Lamy retractable pencil with my Christmas money so as not to spoil it and have spent the last few hours setting up my pages!!! Lol! I’ve set goals and all sorts!!! No 5k runs but things like ‘remember to MOT the car! Rock and roll!!’ Baby steps!! Book sounds good! Just finished my Davina one , which was absolutely crammed with sound advice and made me have an even bigger Davina crush. Obviously she’ll mention meeting me at her book signing in her updated version 😉

  3. Sounds like a really interesting book, and like the way you say that she holds your hand through it, so it’s not too scary! Also, whenever I try to work out what day it is I end up quoting Joey from Friends – Monday one day, tuesday two day, wednesday when? huh? what day? Thursday, the third day! x #TheList

  4. I am fat tired and confused after Christmas and as lovely as the whole twinkling experience is I like to pack up the decorations and get back to life without having a Baileys a 10am. I could do with some post festive inspiration too and this sounds like a good read! The front cover does look like me, as does the elephantine bottom after 200 mince pies…Happy new year lovely xx #TheListLinky.

  5. Sounds like an inspiring read. My mummy isn’t that good at looking in the mirror and re-evaluating her life, she kinda gets sucked up in the moment and only sees cracks before it’s too late! #DreamTeam x

  6. Ohhh that book sounds interesting! I’m not really one for New Years resolutions, I think if something needs changing you should try to recognise that and act immediately, not wait for January 1st! And like you I gave up on the dieting/exercise resolutions a while back. I do think it’s good to be reflective though and if this time of year forces that on to people I guess that’s a positive thing?! #BloggerClubUK

  7. This sounds like a great book and something I definitely feel like I should read, I’m definitely in a ‘sort your life out’ kind of mood. I had no idea what day it was last week either!Still not completely sure now..xx #bloggerclubuk

  8. Sounds like a great book – my self confidence is probably at an all time low since I became a SAHM. I’ve decided not to make resolutions this year though – I’m going to try to break one habit every two months. I started in October by giving up booze (still going! woo!) and I gave up caffeinated fizzy drinks at the start of December (not crumbled there either! woo!). February is for not biting my nails. #bloggingclubuk

    1. Ooh I like your style and am SO impressed- no booze over Christmas? Wowsers! Baby steps are definitely th way forward right? – much more achievable and more likely to become a habit too! Good luck xx

  9. Here I am sat blogging which is just my way of delaying taking the decorations down. For me, that real Christmas feeling starts on Christmas Eve and lasts until… Well… Now…. I’m a bit of an odd one and have for a long time avoided self-help books like the plague, but if people find this book helpful and it leaves them feeling positive then it’s a good thing…. Oh and I don’t think self-help books are a bad thing, they just leave me feeling dazed and confused and questioning who I really am. Which totally defeats the object really.


  10. I don’t think I could ever get M. Bubble’d out 😉 I love the quote that you used and agree that without having a plan it may all just end up being pie in the sky. Good luck with your running and thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam xx

  11. Love the way you dovetailed into the book bit. (And the Boots gift set bit. Loved that especially!) I’m SO bad at accepting help from self help books. Funnily enough I have one I was also given and haven’t finished it. It’s like I’m scared to help myself but then I moan about not achieving goals. Ugh. I’m boring myself just typing it. Yet another amazing post by one of my fave bloggers #bloggerclubuk

    1. Aww thank you so much, I know what you mean re self-help books, I find them a bit cringe usually. This one is more like a guide book I suppose, it focuses on all the different aspects of life and makes you think about what you want from each. Probably the kind of thing we should all be doing anyway but are too busy faffing about on Instagram! 🙂 x

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