With half term just around the corner now’s a good time for parent bloggers to think of ways to keep your blog active while you enjoy some family time. These suggestions will help you avoid the dreaded Blogger’s Guilt that we all feel from time to time whether it be due to family commitments, writer’s block or too few hours in the day.


PLAN AHEAD: The most obvious and effective way to keep things ticking along is to plan well in advance. Scheduling new posts, tweets, Facebook updates etc for the week ahead takes the pressure off trying to ‘fit it all in’. Your blog will continue to get views while you’re busy building sandcastles and finally making use of your National Trust membership.

BLOG-MIN: If (like me) you are nowhere near organised enough to plan posts in advance use this time to do all the other bloggy bits and bobs on your to-do list e.g:

  • Find and fix broken links
  • Contact a blogger you would like to guest-post for
  • Update your media-kit 
  • Respond to/follow up on emails
  • Refresh and share an old post
  • Pin your posts to Pinterest
  • Update your editorial calendar 

All are great ways of being productive when it’s not possible to work on new ideas. Personally I need total silence to be able to concentrate on writing a post but I could happily manage a bit of blog-min while the kids are busy watching a DVD.

BACK TO BASICS: Grab a notebook and pen and use this time to list 10 new post ideas or companies you would like to pitch to, draft out the bones of a post, write out your goals for the next few months. This is actually my preferred way to work as I like to scribble my thoughts down initially rather than type them straight up and it means if inspiration strikes in Aisle 12 I won’t have completely forgotten about it when I eventually sit down to write. Perfect for trips to the playground, soft play or just lazy days playing in the garden. My children are now old enough that they don’t necessarily need/want me to ‘join in’ so I take full advantage of this by grabbing a coffee on the way to the park and letting them run around like loons while I watch and scribble.

GET SOCIAL: Social media platforms are a great way to build blogger relationships and promote your work. On the flipside I often find myself being completely distracted from my to-do list and wasting precious hours looking at pretty squares or homemade glitter galaxy goop. On this occasion I say embrace the goop! You might not have the time or inclination to spend the morning in front of your PC but focusing on your Pinterest boards or catching up on (and sharing!) some of your favourite blogger posts are great, easy ways to be productive in those minutes spent queueing at the Post Office or sitting in the Doctor’s waiting room .

BE REALISTIC: Whatever the reason, if you know that you won’t be able to blog as much as you might like, don’t drive yourself crazy. A temporary dip in views/likes/shares is not the end of the world and you’ll soon be back into the swing of things.

I hope you find these ideas useful or at least feel slightly better about taking time out to focus on something else for a while. Remember: YOU are in charge of your blog, not vice-versa. Give yourself permission to stop stressing and you’ll feel so much better for it I promise!

If you have any more tips to add I’d love you to share them in the comments below!




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  1. Some great tips here. I have really been struggling to find inspiration lately, and I realised it’s not worth forcing it to produce posts I’m not proud of. Enjoy your half term scribbling in the park. #bigpinklink

  2. Brill tips… I’m always super conscious of any dips in my blogging, and try to plan in advance when I can. You’re right though that a minor dip is not the end of the world. #BloggerClubUK

  3. These are great tips. I always schedule my posts a little in advance as it is the way I have found works for me. Slowly I have found a system that has massively reduced my blogger guilt! Your blog is your own so who says how often you have to post?

  4. Such a well timed post. I decided to day to totally shut down the blog next week. I’ve often taken a half hearted approach to a blog break and found that a few weeks back into the thick of it I’m really wishing I’d taken a proper break. I’ve delayed the posts I’ve been working on until the week after so I can properly promote them – in my experience the whole blogging community switches off a little during school holidays anyway?
    Have a lovely break and see you on the other side…
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  5. Some great tips here. I am way too guilty of taking my foot of the pedal. I find I am either all or nothing and as I have now passed that first year milestone I really need to shake it up a bit. Having said that the holidays are there for a reason and even bloggers need a break. Have you have a nice one. #bigpinklink

  6. Ooohhh so many things that can be done. The list is never ending. I think the main thing for me is to not get too hung up on being too busy to blog. It’s a funny balance because you have to live life to be able to blog about it. But you need time to write it down, and that is a massive luxury that a lot of us don’t have. #DreamTeam – fab post!
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…#HappyLittleButtons May 2017 Round-upMy Profile

  7. I’m a paper and pen gal too and love to write in the car while hubby does the driving or geocaches and the girls are asleep. #bloggerclubuk

  8. Inspiration in Aisle 12. What a GREAT turn of phrase! I almost read posts like this with trepidation because despite what people’s (bizarre if you ask me) perception that I’m a switched on blogger, I couldn’t be LESS organised. I don’t pitch to brands, use Pinterest (despite knowing its benefit), I’m just terrible. Please come coach me lol. Hope you’re enjoying half term and a bit jealous you have one! We do finish school for the summer in 2 weeks though. #dreamteam
    absolutely prabulous recently posted…We Are Not The SameMy Profile

  9. Great ideas. I’m rubbish at scheduling and stuff but I really should as I take so many impromptu blog breaks and my views suffer because of that. I love scribbling in my notebook, so many post ideas in there xx #coolmumclub

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