*VLOG* Boots No.7 Advent Calendar – Reveal


Thinking of treating yourself to the Boots No.7 Bright Lights Big City Beauty Advent Calendar but not sure if it’s worth it? In this vlog I’ll show you exactly what you’re gonna get for your £39, trust me you will not be disappointed! Image result for no7 advent calendar 2016

There’s a lot of noise being made about this beauty booty and rightly so. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to makeup and I can honestly say there is not one dud product or ‘filler’ item among this little lot. If like me you’re keen to try the Protect & Perfect range but don’t want to fork out only to find it doesn’t suit your skin *sad, oily face emoji* you’ll be glad to hear there are 5 products to try from this range (actually the main reason I decided to buy it). In addition to that there are many full sized (or at least very generously sized) goodies and some useful tools of the trade too. Click the video or link below to see everything in the order it was intended to be opened (if not necessarily the date, sorry- not-sorry!) and scroll down for photos and  full list of products included. Then run. As fast as you can, wherever you are, to the nearest Boots store and grab one before they all go!

Boots No.7 Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 Reveal


No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Day Cream 25 ml e 0.84 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream 25ml e 0.84 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream 5ml e 0.16 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream 10ml ‘e’ 0.34 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Cream 10ml ‘e’ 0.34 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer 10ml ‘e’ 0.34 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover 30ml ‘e’ 1 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Beautiful Skin Blissful Body Wash 50ml ‘e’ 1.69 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Beautiful Skin Completely Quenched Body Milk 50ml ‘e’ 1.69 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Midnight Lash Mascara Black 7ml ‘e’ 0.23 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Lovely Lashes Mascara Black 7ml ‘e’ 0.23 US Fl. Oz.

No7 Stay Perfect TM Eyeshadow Truffle 1.9g Net Wt.0.06 Oz.

No7 Stay Perfect TM Eyeshadow Wheatsheaf 1.9g Net Wt.0.06 Oz.

No7 Stay Perfect TM Eyeshadow Starry Lights 1.9g Net Wt.0.06 Oz.

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Day Dreamer 1.4g Net wt. 0.04 Oz.

No7 Lovely Lips Lip Balm in Parisian Pink 2.8g Net wt. 0.1 Oz

No7 Special Edition Moisture Drench Lipstick in Pillarbox 3.8g Net wt. 0.13 Oz

3 x No7 Limited Edition Nail Colour 4ml 0.13 US Fl. Oz. (Nude, Berry & Metallic Gold)

No7 Match Made Blusher Gift Invitation (worth £9.00)

Discover the No7 blusher shade perfectly suited to you. Redeem your gift invitation in store and take home your perfect No7 Match Made Blusher.

No7 Lift & Curve Eyelash Curlers

No7 Limited Edition Mini Blusher Brush

No7 Limited Edition Mini Eye Shadow Brush

No7 Limited Edition Mini Eye Contour Brush

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  1. what a fab idea! I made my own type of advent calander tree last year for my 21 year old niece who was nannying for us. By the time I’d scoured the jobs and bought everything it was a lot more fatf and more expensive than this. This is the way forward! #BloggerClubUK

  2. You’ve got into this vlogging business! I like it! Even though I will have the plinky plonky Christmas music in my head ALL night now! I love Boots protect and perfect…Although I have had to bump up to the ADVANCED serum to fight the ravages of time! I think I am going to wait until it is in the Sales! I’ll be checking the internet after the first few days of Advent roll by…SuperScrimper me! #BloggerclubUK

    1. I figured it must get less scary the more I do it right???? Hee hee, it was the only music I could find that wasn’t actually a Christmas carol! Funnily enough I was talking to the lovely lady at the No.7 counter yesterday (while claiming my free blusher!) and she advised I use the serum, but not the advanced one (although I’m well into that age range) because I have oily skin. She’s given me a sample and it does make my skin feel really smooth so I might invest in some. Oh I LOVE the Boots post-Christmas sale, it’s my fave!

  3. Oh I love advent calendars especially ones with something other than chocolate in – let’s face it if I’m going to have chocolate, it isn’t going to be a teeny square every day 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

    1. It’s really good – I’m using ALL THE THINGS and they’re fab, the lippy is perfect for Christmas right? I really wanted to try the Protect & Perfect and so far I’m really impressed. x

  4. I am sooooo jealous! For the last few years I have tried to get my hand on one of these and failed every time! So many gorgeous goodies, one of these days I will finally get one!! #bigpinklink

  5. Oh my word! I haven’t seen one of these before but now my naff bit of chocolate each day is just not going to cut it!! They all seem to be nice neutral type shades that would suit most people too. I am so going to leave this open on the laptop for the hubster to see. In fact:

    “Dear Husband. You know how I pack your sandwiches every night and iron your work shirts and feed you meals which are (mostly) edible etc etc. It would be really nice if you went to Boots and bought me one of these please. In return I shall make you extra nice sandwiches in December and you can like totes have my advent calendar choccie. Lots of love. Wifey.”

    OK. Let’s see if that does it?
    Lovely to see you on another vlog Charlie! See you for real in 5 sleeps! Eek! x #bigpinklink

    1. To be honest, the chocolates in an advent calendar would make up about 10% of my usual daily consumption so I don’t even bother 🙂 If you want it you need to get hunting quick though, they’re like gold dust to find – definitely worth having though.
      Eek thank you – still find it nerve wracking but am hoping they will get easier the more I try. Oh am SO excited for Saturday – yayyyyyy! See you there 🙂

  6. I really want one of these calendars. My other half says he has got me a calendar so I don’t want to be ungrateful and buy one of these as well. Maybe next year!

    Sally @ Life Loving

  7. Ha ha love the sorry not sorry comment! Wow this looks fantastic what a grate range of make up too – very neutral choices which I love. Thanks for joining us at #bloggerclubUK hope to see you again this week xx

  8. Ooh this looks great, I got home from work today to the M&S one that James surprised me with and I was thinking of doing a vlog of opening it. Now I’m persuaded.
    Thanks for linking to #PicknMix
    Eilidh x

  9. Loved your vlog! I didn’t even know that these existed. All the bits and bobs look great, and that seems like a really good deal too. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam 🙂

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