Yay! We can officially wave goodbye to Winter and look forward to longer evenings and finally ditching the thermals!! Although it was a very gloomy morning here in Bedfordshire, the sun is peeping through the clouds as I type so it’s all good.

I’ve been on a quick H&M run for kids joggers, tees etc this morning and decided to celebrate the new season by treating myself to a little something (any excuse eh?!). Nothing fancy as funds are low and I really wasn’t on the look out for anything in particular, just something to brighten my day. With my pale Irish skin and dark hair the gorgeous bright yellow and orange tops that scream Springtime are a big no no for me, what with them making me look like a zombie and all, same goes for scarves or basically anything above the waist. I did however spot this gorgeous bright coral nail varnish from Liz Earle, just the right amount of bright without being brash, and even change some from a tenner – perfect!


I am definitely a low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty products, partly because I really can’t justify the cost of manicures, tanning, eyebrows, highlights, lashes, waxing, facials, etc etc and partly because I just cannot be bothered with the faff of it all. While I do wear makeup every day, it’s purely because it makes me feel more confident, and so not to frighten any small children on the school run but that’s about as much effort as I’m willing to put in on a daily basis (well apart from showering and a quick whizz with a Bic obviously!)

I have toyed with the idea of investing in a home kit for gel nails as I definitely do feel a bit more ‘done’ with polish on and am fed up with spending ages waiting for undercoats, varnish, top coat layers to dry only for my hard work to be ruined by the end of the kids bathtime. While I decide whether or not to buy a home kit though, its plain old off the shelf, old school nail varnish for now.

IMG_3136 (2)

It was my lovely Mum who first introduced me to the Liz Earle brand waaaaaaaay back before it became widely known for its now cult status Cleanse and Polish formula with muslin cloths and when you could only get hold of it via mail order catalogue. Today its available in John Lewis and Boots to name a few which makes shopping for birthdays and Mother’s Day a lot easier for me than it used to be! While the skincare unfortunately didn’t suit my skin, once I tried the nail varnish (in Knockout, a vibrant red) I was really impressed. It went on smoothly, dried quickly leaving a lovely glossy finish and best of all stood up to an impressive amount of abuse before chipping. It’s still the polish I use for a rare night out.

At £8.50 it’s more than I would usually spend on a nail varnish but given that I have already used it and been so impressed  with the results I was happy to pay this. It describes itself a Strengthening Nail Colour (bonus), claiming to last for up to 12 days, which I think is slightly optimistic but I would say in my experience, used without any undercoats or top coat it does last longer than any other mid range varnish I’ve tried.

I’ve applied two coats as per instructed for a lovely even finish –  at least this colour will last longer than the sunshine which already seems to be disappearing behind the clouds just in time for the school run!! x


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  1. Lovely colour! I’m a sucker for nail polish…will definitely try this brand. And a home gel kit you say…? I have never heard of such a thing, that would be amazing, I like to get shellac etc from time to time but it is expensive. I’m going to do some googling!

    1. I hope you like it! I’ve never tried gels, but recently commented on my friend’s nails which looked lovely and she had done them herself with a home kit so I am tempted…

  2. I am in love with this colour, I always go for something similar in the summer months. Sadly I’m unconvinced by the spring thing, it is SO COLD today but maybe some colourful nails will distract me.

  3. I’ve long been a fan of coral nail polishes, I tend to think it makes my pale skin look a bit more bronzed and summery (that could be wishful thinking…!) Always good to find a nail polish that you’re still happy with days after application 🙂

  4. Ooh this is so my colour – I have about 10 different shades of coral (probably the same shade actually but I always forget what I have at home and seem to be attracted to the same shades!) #coolmumclub x

  5. The color is absolutely gorgeous (and so are those rings)! I understand what you mean about the cost, but as you point out, the cost per use is minimized when it outlasts other polishes. So, it really ends up costing less. Yay! Thank you for sharing! #BigPinkLink

    1. I never would have thought to try them either if it hadn’t been for my Mum! I’ve cleared out lots of my cheapy ones now, think this one should see me well into the Summer 🙂

  6. Oh fab, I’m always looking for a more ‘life with children’ proof polish. Fab colour too. My nails are STILL recovering from my pre-christmas gel polish so I’m a bit wary of gels now. Thanks for linking up, and giving me something to add to my shopping list for town! #bigpinklink

  7. Absolutely love the colour. I used to have a similar rimmel one. I love nail Polish but I’m awful at applying it. I treat myself to gelish about 3 times a year. #bigpinklink Lifeinthemumslane

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