Another fabulous, feel-good guest post this time from Rock & Roses Mama herself, Rebecca. With her positive vibes, exercise bike and lippy she’s rockin the skin she’s in!

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Name 3 parts of your body that you love and tell us why they’re so fabulous

This has changed over time and is not the same parts that I would have previously boasted pre pregnancy but here goes!

1. My hair… I have always had a complicated relationship with my hair, (the ‘It’s complicated’ Facebook status should be inserted here) and until recently have just worn it up in a bun! I was “blessed” with overtly curly and thick hair that has fought against me for a long time, but I have finally found a shampoo I love, the length is what I’ve been waiting for, I’ve mastered the home dyeing process and I have an amazing hairdresser! Gorgeous locks! 2. My back… odd one I know but bear with me! I have always been very muscular for a woman since my teen years and have finally embraced that my muscular back looks pretty hot in backless dresses. 3. My lips… I have been blessed with shapely lips and find they are perfect for those dark days when only a bright lipstick can save your face!

Share a memory of when you felt particularly good about yourself.

Ok so this one has actually stumped me but I think those times when i feel particularly good about myself vary. There are ‘Awesome Momma’ times when me and the little man have turned out particularly well on an outing and are rocking the whole Mama & Mini fashion thang. Then there are the times when I’m going out to the pub/dinner and I get to dress up all fancy!

Has your relationship with your body changed over time?

Yes definitely! If I’m honest I’ve never had much of a problem body wise; I’ve always been fairly confident with myself. However after I had the little man I was very aware that I was very different stature wise; my legs and arms in particular were much chunkier than pre pregnancy! I have since accepted that I am in no way overweight and that it is just that I have lost firmness in certain areas. I have taken to loving my exercise bike and it has helped a lot with ‘trimming and toning’

If you are a parent (or have little people in your life), has this changed how you perceive or discuss healthy body image?

My little man is only two so we are not at this stage yet (although there is a page in his ‘I Love you Father Christmas’ book which states that Santa “probably just likes eating and there’s nothing wrong with that…” – love this so much!) But I do hope to promote a joy in food (he’s already there to be honest!) and a healthy amount of exercise.

What advice would you give to your teenage self on the subject of body image?

To be fair I never had a problem with body image when I was younger… I ate like a horse! I was honestly known as the human dustbin when I was younger!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your body?

Accept that ‘trimming’ down is not the same as dieting (as I cannot diet… just can’t do it!) and retaining my love for food! Also my exercise bike… love it.

Share one confidence boosting trick for days when you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’.

Lipstick! Definitely… lifesaver on ‘meh’ days! And also possibly a nice relaxing bath.

Who in the public eye do you admire for celebrating natural body shape?

Beyonce. I’m not a massive fan of her music but that momma is rocking her body!

Give us your best body positive quote or mantra.

As long as you eat a balanced diet and grab some exercise you’re doing ok!

Never count calories… enjoy food, enjoy life!

I pledge to love myself a little more today by…

Appreciating that my body has changed due to an amazing event in my life, which takes an amazing body to do! He is totally worth it and I am fabulous!

Oh yes you are! Thanks so much to Rebecca for being my guest this week. If you are enjoying this series and think you would like to join in then just drop me a message in the comments below- I’d love to hear from you! x

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  1. Finally! A woman blessed with thick hair who KNOWS she is blessed! So many just complain about it while the fine-haired gals like me roll our eyes. 😉

    We should all take a lesson in learning to love our post-baby bodies. Thank you for this great post! #BloggerClubUK

  2. What a fab series! And it’s nice to know a bit more about Rebecca. I love the ethos of her blog, and so it’s great to find out a but more about her. I am totally with her when it comes to eating a balanced meal and exercising rather than dieting (nobody wants be on a diet, right?) #TheList

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