I’m so happy to have Talya from Motherhood: The Real Deal join me as a guest for the She Loves Herself series this week. If you haven’t already, then get yourself over to her blog for a whole heap of funny, informative, warts and all posts on the joys of parenthood!


Name 3 parts of your body that you love and tell us why they’re so fabulous?
My arms – they are pretty toned apart from some very stubborn bingo wingy bits that have taken up residence on the under side…whatevs!
My back – it’s pretty defined thanks to my shoulderblades!
My bum – because it still seems to give my other half great pleasure haha!

Share a memory of when you felt particularly good about yourself.
I think as a mummy, we get so used to knocking around in whatever the hell we pick out of the cupboard with sleep still in our eyes. I think, for me it’s when I actually get to wear the stuff I want to wear, spend some time on making myself look and feel good,  love my body in whatever that is, and look at the mirror and think…hmmm pretty foxy! Sadly, that opportunity doesn’t come round much – *sob*

Has your relationship with your body changed over time?
I think I used to nurture my body a lot more – I had time for infinite amounts of exercise, and to make sure I ate what was best for it. Now times have changed and there is a lot of compromise but I do try to keep working on it, just the emphasis has changed. I no longer can be, or want to be that person. I think there is a form of acceptance that has come, me and my body have an agreement – it’s not the same version I had before, but it’s like we’re better friends as a result.

If you are a parent (or have little people in your life), has this changed how you perceive or discuss healthy body image?
Definitely, while my body has changed a lot since parenthood – more on that in my vlog here – – I think so too has my idea of what a healthy body is. Once upon a time, it was all about the skinny. Now it’s all about the strong and nourished…because ultimately I want that for my child so I feel that’s something we should all aspire to too.

What advice would you give to your teenage self on the subject of body image?
You are a work in progress. The body you have now is not the body you will have in ten or twenty years time. Accept what you have now, and don’t want anything too much. Don’t look to other people’s bodies, and especially don’t be fooled by everything you see on social media for you’re only ever seeing the best, edited versions of themselves…not all the wobbly bits they have probably edited out!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your body?
Exercise. My whole body just feels a lot better when I exercise, and to me that has to include some form of resistance training as part of that. It’s no good just “losing weight” or whatever, you need to be strong too as we are effectively laying the path now for ourselves and what we will be in old age. And I am seriously concerned about frailty in old age!

Share one confidence boosting trick for days when you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’.
Dance! The days when you feel meh, put on some really cheesy music, grab you little people if they will let you, and bounce around for 10 minutes or so with them if they will let you. Guaranteed pick me up.

Who in the public eye do you admire for celebrating natural body shape?
I love Davina McCall’s attitude. She has worked hard to attain her physique but looks like a woman, curves and all. She knows that nourishing your body is important. And that we are all a work in progress.

Give us your best body positive quote or mantra.
Your body is a sacred vessel – so treat it that way.

I pledge to love myself a little more today by…
Getting up and dancing around with my three year old!


Thanks so much to Talya for such a positive and inspiring post – I love her view on having an agreement between you and your body, such a healthy mindset and one I’m stealing for myself from now on! 

If you enjoy this series and would like to take part then please get in touch – I’d love to hear from  you!

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  1. Back for more of this fab series.Sound advice from the lovely Talya, I love her get up and dance approach to her body! Our bodies need to have more fun…Mine seems to have been sitting in a desk chair for too many hours!

  2. Love your series and I love her outlook on exercise and looking after yourself. It is so true it used to be all about skinny but it is all about teaching your children about good food and looking after yourself as a whole. Love how she says you won’t always have this body, such an awesome thing to have someone tell you when you’re a teenager, although I probably woudn’t have believed it!!

  3. Talyas was always going to be a good one – she’s so fun yet wholesome and all about the good living. Some total inspiration here…
    thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub – this is one of my fave series 🙂

  4. This is a great post and a great series! I’m extremely critical of my body and I don’t give myself enough credit for the amazing job it did growing my baby. It’s lovely to read posts written by mothers who are confident in their skin #TheList

  5. This post is like a little bit of heaven for me. I love this series, and I am such a huge fan of Talya’s brilliantness! (I’m having that as a word.) Having met her in person at Blogfest I can absolutely say that she is blimmin stunning and should be so proud of her foxy self and I love her aim to be “strong and nourished” rather than skinny. Thanks so much for sharing with us at #DreamTeam Charlie xx

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