Welcome back to another week of She Loves Herself, this time with Fi who blogs at Beauty, Baby & Me , a gorgeous place full of positivity and motivation (so it will come as no surprise that this is a cracker of a post!) Fi has an enviable approach to body confidence, basically, the girl’s got it sussed…


Name 3 parts of your body that you love and tell us why they’re so fabulous?
My eyes! I think you can really read how I’m feeling in my eyes, I’m quite open and this reflects that which I’m quite proud of. Plus they are quite a striking green colour so they are a bit unique too!
My bum! It’s always been part of my body I’ve felt confident about and my husband says it’s like having his very own Kylie 🙂
My legs. Everyone on my Mother’s side of the family has lovely long legs and I’ve been very lucky to inherit that!

 Share a memory of when you felt particularly good about yourself.
It would have to be my wedding day! I felt like a princess. I know it’s all in the dress, and that’s the main emphasis but I loved how I looked, I loved my dress and I knew I’d knock my husbands socks off – which I did!
Having said that I also loved my body whilst I was pregnant – I loved having curves!

Has your relationship with your body changed over time?
I used to be so insecure. I’ve always been slim and petite and I got picked on at school about it. Now I feel so blessed to have that sort of figure. I am really lucky; I’ve got a fast metabolism and I lost my baby weight (3 stone) in about 3 months. I respect my body so much for growing and carrying my baby – I think it’s incredible. Even now with breastfeeding, I can’t believe how clever your body is. It’s ability to adapt to exactly you and your baby’s needs is incredible.

 If you are a parent (or have little people in your life), has this changed how you perceive or discuss healthy body image?
Josh is only 10 months and he’s a little porker so he’s not too worried about body image 😉 Seriously though I’d always just make sure he had as healthy a diet and lifestyle as possible. I do worry, particularly if my next child is a girl, about the effect social media and celebrity has on youngsters. It’s frightening and really sad how many youngsters are concerned about their weight and victimized for how they look! I’d want to shield Josh and any of my kids from such negativity!

 What advice would you give to your teenage self on the subject of body image?
It’s OK – You’re going to marry an absolute hotty who will adore you and your body. Those dickheads who called you a coffee table cause you had no boobs will actually end up bald and fat (for real!) and you will grow some beautiful DD’s when you get pregnant. Be proud of what you’ve got, who you are and own what makes you different from everyone else.

 What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your body?
Had a baby! I guess because it’s taught me to respect my body more than ever. It grew a human therefore I have to look after it in return; good food, exercise and everything in moderation. It can’t be all pesto pasta and chocolate all the time.

Share one confidence boosting trick for days when you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’.
Heels and mascara! Mascara can open the tiredest of eyes! Heels don’t have to be 6 inch stilettos; even a good pair of heeled boots, whatever is comfortable to you, will give you some height, make you walk taller and feel good about how you hold yourself. And smile! Even if you don’t feel like it.

Who in the public eye do you admire for celebrating natural body shape?
I find this a tricky one. Because what is natural. There is a lot of celebration in the media for “real women”. And it seems to be that real women are the ones with curves. I struggle with this a lot. I don’t really have curves apart from my boobs, and I think I’m just as much of a real woman as someone with a body shape like Kate Winslet or Jennifer Lopez. I think being a real woman is all about being strong and confident in yourself. My girl crushes are forever changing but I love Jenna Tatum, Kate Upton, Mila Kunis, and Jessica Alba. They all have amazing figures.

Give us your best body positive quote or mantra.
A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

 I pledge to love myself a little more today by…
Reminding myself of what my body is capable of! Yes sometimes I feel like I look rough, tired, and compare myself to others. But I’ve also gone through pregnancy, labour via C Section and recovery in the last year; so well done to my body cause I reckon it’s doing a pretty good job actually!

If you found this post inspiring (and how could you not?!) and would like to join in with a guest post I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. Woo go Fi! Loved this post and fi’s thoughts on body image. I am definitely happy I don’t have a girl to raise in this scary world of social media and celeb culture, I would be stressed during her teens about her feeling insecure and not good enough. I know this can effect boys too but I can remember being a teen and always feeling my body wasn’t good enough and it wasn’t fun. Love this series xx #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Yes I do worry about my daughter having to face all this in the future (to a certain extent already, at 5!) I wasted WAY too much time being down on myself and my body. Fi’s attitude is perfect x Thanks for popping in 😉

  2. Another fab interview. It really made me think, actually, because people who are naturally very slim can be exposed to negativity too. It just highlights the fact that there is a very, very tiny proportion of women who would fit societies ‘ideal’ shape! I’m going to call it the ‘Goldilocks’ concept not too fat, not too thin but just right…But it’s so erroneous and makes folk fight their whole life to reach the ‘Goldilocks’ benchmark…The only problem is the benchmark keeps shifting. I love ‘Fi’s attitude and her body confidence and for pointing out that even the ‘real women’ label can do a disservice to the less curvaceous but undoubtedly ‘real’ women out there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ahh I love this!! You are so beautiful Fi and I love that this comes across in the way that you write and the answers to these questions. Plus I am super jealous that you love your bum, I have a real love-hate relationship with mine!! Us women are pretty amazing though aren’t we? #TwinklyTuesday xxx

  4. Maintaining a positive body image is getting harder and harder with the celebrity culture and now the social media culture. What a great series to encourage to people to appreciate what they have #BloggerClubUK

  5. Nice interview! Body confidence is so hard, it’s nice to hear someone real talk about it positively though and in a relatable manner. Definitely agree about a smile, my grandma used to the say the exact same! #bloggerclubuk

  6. Another brilliant post in this series! I love Fi’s attitude and I think it raises an important point that a real woman is not defined by her size or curves – she can be petite, athletic, curvy or overweight! All healthy body shapes can be celebrated.

  7. Love your advice to your teenage self Fi. High five to that! I’d never really considereal it before but you’re so right that the woman who seem to get called out for being “real” are the one with curves. You make a very good point. Real is real. Curvy or otherwise. Fantastic, positive post. Thanks for sharing Charlie. Massive fan of this seris as you know 😉 #BloggerClubUK x

  8. What a lovely empowering post. Women need to be reminded they are fabulous – I am sick and tired of reading about celebrities who ‘snap back into shape’ after having a baby. Meanwhile, back in the real world…. Good question about the impact on our children. I am conscious of not using language like ‘fat’ anymore – even in jest – as it could be damaging language for my daughter growing up #fortheloveofBLOG

  9. Really inspiring post! More women need to feel good about their bodies and I’m not the exception. After gaining 3 stone with Max this year and being so tired I’m really struggling to get down to a weight and body image I’m happy about. Posts like these make me feel a bit better though to think of the amazing things my body went through to bring both Max and Amelia into this world in the past two years ❤️ #fortheloveofBLOG

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