Today I found my first grey hair, I can’t say I’m surprised.

There’s no point in denying, it was clearly galvanised.

The brazen strand in question glistened, dazzling in the sun.

Oblivious to my attempt at ‘youthful’ messy bun.

So this is it, the day has come, much to my dismay.

I need to hatch a cunning plan to camouflage this grey.

OK, calm down. DO NOT freak out. It’s not that bad, good heavens,

This brunette was ‘au naturel’ ’til just gone thirty-seven!

So weighing up my options in this tricky hair dilemma.

Davina-style Nutrisse goop or The Body Shop for henna??

It’s been so long (those ‘Sun-In’ days are well and truly gone).

The last time I bought hair dye Byker Grove was blimmin on!

Perhaps I’ll rock this silver streak just like Caitlin Moran

Ah yes, except she’s uber-cool, I’ll just look like her gran.

Apparently it’s ‘in’ you know, silver’s all the rage

But due to lack of collagen, I’ll only look my age.

I’m sorry folks, it’s just no good, I’m not that brave let’s face it.

Surrendering to nature?  Not quite ready to embrace it.

Vanity just won’t allow these glossy locks to fade

‘Ageing gracefully’ ain’t happening, not if I was paid.

The answer then seems pretty clear, it’s obvious no doubt:

I hunted down that little hair and pulled the b*gger out!



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  1. Loved this! I started getting them a couple of years ago (strangely coinciding with kids!) I started getting highlights and it helped to cover them up, also an excuse to escape to the hairdressers for a couple of hours every 5-6 weeks. #brillblogposts

  2. Love this!! I seem to be sprouting grey hairs in my eyebrows and the more I get rid of them the more they come back lol!! Let’s hope nobody notices eek! #BloggerClubUK

  3. Brilliant poem! Love it…Here’s my offering. Why I had the urge to do this at 1.20am…

    To the tune of My Way….

    And now, the grey is here
    And so I face it’s shimmery glory
    My friend, let me be clear
    It’s one on top, (a family story).
    I’ve lived a life so free
    of shades of grey and signs of wrinkles
    But, then, to cap it all, I got a chin hair.

    So greys, I’ve had a few
    But then again, I’ve simply plucked ’em.
    I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
    I planned each little tug, each careful search along the hairline
    But alas, it comes to nought, if you have chin hairs.

    Yes, there was a time, and this is true,
    When I could swear I’d tugged that too
    But in the end it was no good
    It just grew back when I pulled it out.
    I was appauled, I hid indoors until the night came.

    I’ve tugged, I’ve pulled and prised
    I’ve had my fill, I’m sick of trying
    And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing
    To think I did all that
    It came to nought, cos it grew back
    Old age, it’s just the pits, full of beige scholls and Stana lifts

    It starts with greys, then liver spots
    Things all go south, you get the trots,
    Then things get worse you get 10 cats,
    That’s how it goes, when you get old and you’ve got chin hair!


  4. Oh I feel you – I have probably 1 a week that i pull out. My hair is really dark so they stand out like the empire state building #coolmumclub

  5. Oh this is BRILLIANT – the part about Caitlin Moran’s Gran – nearly spat my coffee out – you clever creative person you! Being blonde I have no idea if I’m going grey yet but if I find one I’ll pull it out for sure! Thanks for making me smile lovely #ablogginggoodtime

  6. You have nothing but sympathy from me! The lovely boy behind me in maths class pointed out my first one at 15 and it was a quick slide into greyness from there! I’ve had to dye it since I was 17 and now I’m 30 and have to get my roots done every 4 weeks and use spray-in cover up just 2 weeks after having it done (thanks to my crazy quick growing hair!) If you can get away with temporary cover-ups the John Frieda spray is brilliant! #ablogginggoodtime

  7. I love this!!I’m yet to find one but when I do I will be chucking hair dye straight on it!!My sister found a grey eyebrow the other week, she plucked it out but when she told me I thought something truly devastating had happened haha. Great poem xx #BloggerClubUK

  8. Hahah this made me laugh! I seem to have sprouted a whole tuft of grey hairs and at first I pulled them out but now I’m in that stage of weighing up is it better to have the grey patch….or a bald patch!! Pesky grey hairs, I am in complete denial that we are even old enough! #sharingthebloglove

    1. Thank you 😄 You have to laugh right?! Yep I’m thinking there’s only so long I can keep pulling hair out before I really need to accept that I just need to get to the hairdressers 🙈

  9. You need a “LOVE” button up there lovely! You know I’m quite partial to a little rhyme and this Bad Boy is right up my street. I love it, and you are one very talented rhyming superblogger. (And you make cakes. Let’s not forget that you make cakes). As for the hair: Nothing wrong with the occasional silver highlight! ;0) xx

  10. You clever lady! I love this poem and funnily enough I looked in the mirror today and thought: oh crap, another one! I’m hiding them well, at the moments, but age is creeping slowly up on me! Alison x #Brilliantblogposts

  11. Ha ha love this! How dare these grey hair arrive as a reminder we are getting older! I’m the same as you and pull them out, but they seem to be ganging up on me and coming out more and more! I should be grateful I have made it this far without them, my brother went grey in his early twenties. Thank you for joining us again for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

  12. Haha! Fantastic. My wife makes me go through her hair like a monkey and pull them all out. Apparently her Gran used to pay her the Thai equivalent of a penny per grey strand when she was little. I never get paid though!


  13. Amazing a poem – oh you are so talented, I couldn’t compose a limerick even if I tried – and a poem about grey hair – fantastic!

    I’ve been going grey for years now, but somehow have cultivated a streak. People thinks its done on purpose – ha! How little do they know how lazy I am, it’s total fluke!

    And only just getting your grey hair – lucky you – great genes!

  14. Hah! Brilliant poem. I love the bit about Caitlin Moran. I’ve found a few stray ones and have been pulling those out too. I guess it’s only going to get worse and I’ll have to think about how to manage it better! #BloggerClubUK

  15. At 37 I just keep up with the “highlights” from the hairdresser and hope for the best!! Love your poem, the joys of getting older. My husband has grey stubble now, I tell him it’s distinguished so hopefully that applies to us too. 🙂

    1. Yes think highlights might be my first port of call when they start coming thick and fast!! Not fair is it, maybe we can start a ‘Silver Vixen’ trend- if it’s good enough for the men??!

  16. Haha, this is brilliant! I see glimpses of them, but I can never find them again to pull them out! Once they start coming properly I’m embracing the hair dye – I’m so dark, it’s just not right for me to be grey! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  17. Bwahahaha….Brilliant! Bravo Bravo Bravo! *clap hands and bows down in wild salutation* I can say I have never had this problem so I can only sympathise. *cough* *cough* Is my nose growing longer now? #coolmumclub

  18. Oh I can definitely relate to this. I’ve got loads of them, and dark hair so they all show up nice and bright! I’m still in the plucking them out phase at the moment, but it’ll be the bottle before long for sure. #coolmumclub

  19. If only it was the real Mr Grey appearing…although I favour the Jamie Dornan off of The Fall…the sexy murderer look had it going ON. But I digress…
    Yep grey hairs, they catch up with us all! Always my excuse to escape to the salon every 8 weeks or so for a couple of hours of peace. Bliss!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    1. Ooh yes if only !! Do you know I’ve been meaning to watch The Fall for ages, must do it. Ooh maybe I’ll try highlights? I’m SO low maintenance when it comes to hair ( ok, lazy!) I just really can’t be bothered with the whole upkeep of it all. 😄

  20. Oh this is brilliant – ah the joys of finding that first grey hair! I have to confess I pull them out as well although I’m also now dying my hair for the first time since my teenage years to try and hide them! 🙂

    1. Glad to hear it’s not just me then 😄 Yes think I may be venturing to the hairdressers sometime soon. I have a feeling that once one appears they will start sprouting everywhere 🙈

  21. Brilliant, I love it. Dare I confess that I’m 43 and still haven’t had one appear…thats it, I’ve jinxed it, I’ll look like I’ve washed my hair in talc when I wake tomorrow won’t ! #BloggerClubUK

  22. Oh no. Pull it out and get rid of the evidence I say. I’m with you not ready for that one just yet. That being said u have seen many a chosen grey hair do of late, so perhaps actually it is the way to go… #tbloggerclubuk

  23. You’re lucky you’ve only got one! I started pulling mine out when there were only a handful but they grew back like white corkscrews – just a warning! #coolmumclub

  24. Love this poem, so quirky, witty and clever. I started highlighting my hair in my early 20’s because I wanted my red hair to be blonde. Now in my mid 3o’s (36 next month) I’m still highlighting but now it’s to cover those pesky grey hairs. #fartglitter

  25. Very good – especially the Caitlin Moran bit! Must have been the week for poetry inspiration – I went slightly into overdrive with my Prince George’s birthday one! It’s so much fun, isn’t it?! #bigpinklink

  26. I’m rocking the grey, au natural, and for some it is just fabulous. For me, it’s a bit mousy and took a long time getting used to it. The Mrs., she can’t do it. She is off to the salon for a fixer upper. Hey, I’m grateful to be aging. Like they say, it beats the alternative! #bigpinklink

  27. Ha, you did well to get to 37 without any!! I’m nearly 33 and sporting many more than I’d like! And you would not look like Caitlin Moran’s gran!!! I was so pleased to see that you were in front of me on #bigpinklink this week, fab post as always xxx

  28. I nearly had a total frickin heart attack when I got my first grey a couple of years ago. I wouldn’t even have know if my husband hadn’t pointed it out. I almost decked him. He did at least have the humility to point out that I’d got to my mid 40’s before getting any and that I’d had a good run. Still nearly decked him. Then my 12yo started gleefully pointing them out. I mentally decked her. Then just before I headed to the UK for #BML16 I surrendered and got them coloured. Not total dye but just colouring of the offending areas. Best thing I ever did. #coolmumclub

    1. That IS a good run (considering you have 3 kids!) 😄 Jeez your hubby’s a brave man, Himself knows to keep any opinions on my personal appearance to himself unless complimentary. Yep, think I’ll be joining you and Davina in the very near future. Thanks for stopping by x

  29. You lucky devil!! 37?!! I got my first few ‘silver’ friends at the ripe old age of 17 🙁 Davina and Nutrisse have been along for the ride ever since – with the odd, ill advised venture into ‘blonde’. Great post! Welldone on the showcase feature #Sharingthebloglove

  30. I got a few grey/whitish looking strays at the tender age of 20 🙁 you wouldn’t know though, those few highlights and dye jobs do great work 😉 #sharingthebloglove

  31. Brilliant!! I’m totally in awe of people who can write rhymes, especially the bloggers who aren’t actually known for it!! Amazing! I can’t write a rhyme to save my life. Well, I think you’ve done well to not have any greys until 37! Like other people have mentioned, I also got the odd one in my early teens. But it’d literally just be one, then I wouldn’t see another one for ages! In my late twenties, I noticed a cluster of them just above my temple, which I took to plucking out. But the patch is slowly growing… Although most people say they can’t notice them, I think is maybe because I’ve got red hair, and they blend in quite well?! It seems quite a conducive colour to going grey!! A friend of our family had naturally glossy dark brown until her mid 70s!! Yep, her first grey came at 74! Funnily enough, she doesn’t have any children…! Seems too much of a coincidence to me!!

    1. Ha you should try it- it’s good fun! Yes I should be grateful I made it this far without having to hit the bottle 🙂
      Ahh yes, maybe red is the future!!! 😄 Eh, yeah that does seem a little bit of a coincidence doesn’t it? Lucky lady. Thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed my little foray into poetry 😄 x

  32. he he, don’t they say if you pull one out 10 more grow? Not convinced this is true though. I found a white, propably grey, eyebrow hair if that is any concillation? I’m blonde so I can hide my greys for a long time hopefully! #sharethebloglove

    1. Yes apparently- let’s hope it’s not true!!! Ahh yes the eyebrow hairs, at leaders eyebrow pencils are a bit more user friendly (I don’t do high maintenance very well!) Yes you blondies are so lucky 🙂

  33. I don’t know if I have grey hair yet. I’m a natural blonde and it can be difficult to tell however, my husband is only a couple of years older than me and has a bit of grey hair so I guess I won’t be far behind #sharingthebloglove

  34. Haha! Love it! You’re so lucky going that long with no grey hairs! I got mine in my twenties and my brother was still a teenager! Not good genes when it comes to Mr. Grey! Fabulous as always. #Sharingthebloglove

  35. This unforutnately sounds oh so familar. Its been years since I found my first grey, pre-child and pre-30’s let me tell you. Life has never been as unfair as that moment I found my first grey hair lol

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