This week Flump turned 5 and we celebrated with a little party in the house, just a handful of her classmates and of course big bro, Spud. Himself was back to work after a lovely few days off for Easter but luckily I had lots of Mummies on hand to help out. Flump is big into unicorns at the minute so we went with a ‘Magical Unicorns and Rainbows’ theme which I have to admit I absolutely loved!!


Notelets, Paperchase £3.50 for 8

I wanted to keep the budget fairly small for this one as it’s tempting to get carried away with party planning these days with so many gorgeous ideas and inspiration online (Pinterest I’m looking at you!!) I honestly think a lot of it is wasted on the kids who just want to be made a fuss of and run around with their friends like a bunch of loons. So on a mission to get the balance of fun and finance right, I started looking out for anything that might fit with the theme well in advance, picking up brightly coloured pieces here and there and stashing them away in preparation for the big day. I’ll try to note where everything was from if I can remember but if there is anything in particular you would like more info on just comment below.

The invites went out pretty early as the party was being held during the Easter Holidays so I needed to know if people were going to be away on holiday – luckily everyone was around that day – phew! I saw these notelets in Paperchase and although I know you can buy much cheaper ones these were so cute and perfect for the theme I just couldn’t resist them!

I found some party bags on Ebay and picked up unicorn trinket bracelets (also Ebay), a selection of pens/pencils (B&M)  individually wrapped sweetie necklaces and marshmallow twists (Poundland) as party favours.

Sticking with the theme I decorated the room with a unicorn helium balloon (Amazon) which turned out to be HUGE and some coloured paper decorations and balloons (both ASDA) which I tied together in rainbow colours.

Before the guests arrived I laid out a few crafts on the table (covered in this cute rainbow fabric available by the metre at The Range) to keep them occupied. ‘Make your own unicorn horn’ station with cones made from sparkly card and lots of jewels and stickers for them to decorate with – they loved this! We had colouring sheets, glitter tattoos, nail painting, glow sticks and some good old fashioned party games like pass the parcel and pin the horn on the unicorn (with some painful looking results!!)

I made this Rainbow Unicorn cake inspired by a YouTube video by My Cupcake Addiction although I used a few more colours and made them a bit less bright as I wasn’t so keen on the red buttercream used in the original, I also added a buttercream ‘cloud’ for the unicorn to stand in. The unicorn topper was made by piping white chocolate (using a template underneath some greaseproof paper) and sprinkled with a mixture of sugar and edible gold dust – BLING!! (Apologies for the rubbish shots, it was a bit of a manic day!) The usual triangle sarnies, crudités and cocktail sausages kept the girls happy followed by cookies and giant marshmallows (Tiger) on sticks which I dipped in pink candy melts and then into sprinkles – so easy and mega cool looking.

As you can see she seemed pretty happy as we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ (accompanied by Spud on keyboard) as she was presented with her birthday cake adorned with FIVE (how is this possible??!) silver candles. Party bags distributed  and lots of kerfuffle with coats and shoes, the guests headed home and the birthday girl settled down to open her gifts – exciting! Mummy put the kettle on and cut an extra large slice of cake. Birthday party, done. Now I could do with a magical unicorn to tidy up this aftermath.


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  1. Wow! That looks like a fun party 🙂 I love party planning and cake making, think you’re very brave to attempt that cake, dread to think what mine would have looked like. I’m going to nick your idea of the marshmallows, they look really cool! #Justanotherlinky x

  2. Love it all! I think you’ve done an amazing job! Really impressed by the cake! I love planning a good party and might ‘borrow’ some of your fab ideas. #justanotherlinky

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

    1. Sadly not- I ate every last crumb for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😂🌈🍰 I make a lot of cakes for other people so my kids are definitely a bit spoilt on the cake front otherwise I would definitely be buying a supermarket cake! I really don’t think kids care as long as they get a cake and some pressies 😄

  3. It’s crazy how quickly five comes around! I remember when my oldest was born & people were talking about when he would be in school – that felt like some future lifetime & it was here in a flash! You did an amazing job on the rainbow & unicorn party – well done! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk

    1. Aw thanks I do make a lot of cakes for other people so I get a lot of practice. This one was something bit different though- I like to make things difficult for myself 😄🦄🌈

  4. This post is every bit as good as is thought it would be!!! You are amazing & I would like you to do my next birthday please!!! 😄🌈 The cake particularly fabulous. Thanks for linking up with us & giving me #partygoals (my own!) #bigpinklink

  5. Wow that is one cool and colourful birthday theme. So refreshing to see a theme not centred around Disney or some other kids TV show. I’d have loved this as a kid. Great cake too!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

  6. Wow! That looks like a fab party and I would have loved that as a little girl! Your cake is fantastic! I’ve seen a few videos from My Cupcake Addiction and used some piping tips from her YouTube channel recently. I hope I can as much fun for my little boy’s 4th birthday next month (but maybe not with unicorns for him 😉 )

    1. Thanks -yes she was a lucky little lady I would have loved it too, kids parties are so much better these days!! 😄 So many great tutorials on My Cupcake Addiction aren’t there? Ooooh you’ll have to start planning your sons party- exciting!

  7. Brilliant idea for a theme and I love the thought and detail that you put into your party. As for that cake? O.M.G!! It looks amazing! I’m amazed that you let anyone eat any of it? I’d have been shooing people away from such a masterpiece. Brilliant!
    Dawn x

  8. Wow! You are so talented! The cake is just look so yummy! I really like the bracelet and the pop cake too! Well done for organising such fun party for your girl. Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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