So tomorrow morning a whole gaggle of excited blogger types will be alighting at King’s Cross Station for one of the biggest blogging events of the year: BLOGFEST. This year I’m more than a little bit excited to be one of them! Excited, but nervous. Luckily the monumental effort that goes into organising the rest of the family in order to allow this to happen is keeping my mind busy enough that I don’t have time to stress about it too much.

Here’s how  today is looking:

-Confirm arrangements with friend taking Spud to footy training tomorrow, other friend collecting him for a playdate afterwards and taking him to/from birthday party tomorrow afternoon.

-Wash individual footy kit sock that didn’t make the last load because it arrived home 3 days after training via his mate’s kit bag.

-Wrap presents for birthday party. Get Spud to write cards.

-Get party clothes and presents together and drop round to friend who is on party taxi duty.

-Do online shop because HOW THE HELL IS IT FRIDAY ALREADY all the slots for tomorrow will be taken?! Probably forget a bunch of stuff.

-Inform Himself all he has to do is get Flump to ballet for 10.30. This will result in Flump having a paddy because Daddy “does rubbish buns” and insisting I wake her up before I leave to do her hair.

-Look through wardrobe for something to wear. Hate everything. Remember weather forecast for pi$$ing rain all day tomorrow and regret buying 3 pairs of suede boots (muppet).

-Return library books because I’ve used up all my online renewal allowance.

-Buy train tickets from station and check timetable for morning.

-Still not have anything to wear.

-Chase plumber about newly discovered water leak somewhere under the house (deeeep breaths).

-Call Sky to arrange BT  line engineer to sort RUBBISH connection. Again.

-Chase building regs for completion certificate. Again.

-Pick kids up, find something in the freezer to feed them.

-Remember nails are a state- mental note to deal with them later.

-Remember I promised to call my mother tonight, deduct at least 1.5hrs from schedule.

-Panic about forgetting important things tomorrow – train tickets, event ticket, fully charged mobile, lippy, Flump’s Hello Kitty brush that fits in my bag, money, notebook, pen, business cards, headache tablets, earphones for train…

-Drink wine.

-Bed. Not sleep due to excitement about meeting everyone/panic about meeting everyone /worry about being late. Wake up exhausted.

-Get ready in the dark, head to station at 7am looking like a stop-out drag act.

-Remember about Flump’s ballet bun.

-Remember about nails. Wonder if I can get away with wearing gloves all day.

-Coffee. Train. Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.

-Pull into station feeling slightly giddy/nauseous.

-Finally arrive at breakfast buffet registration and (hopefully!) relax and enjoy meeting all my gorgeous blogger buddies for a day of blogtastic sessions, inspiring talks and the very exciting Blogging Awards!

I’ll be the one wearing black leather gloves, staring at badges looking stunned and sleep deprived. Please do come and say hello, I promise I’m quite normal really.

I should probably mention (warn you) by the way that I’m a hugger type. Some people are kissers (always awkward I think, one peck or two, or three??) while some prefer a handshake (come on we’re not in the boardroom now). Then there are the ‘mini-wavers’ who clearly do not do physical contact. Fair dos. So if that’s you then can you just try to get in there early with your wave or whatever so I can avoid flinging my arms around people like I’ve been swigging miniatures the whole way down from Bedfordshire? Cheers.

Right, better stop faffing about on here and crack on then I suppose. Anyone else have a similar day ahead or are you all in London already having a pre-event massage and mani?? 🙂

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  1. Hopefully see you there – I’ll be nice and easy to spot on account of the Y chromosome! Sleep deprivation is common – just remember the key essentials: phone. phone charger, caffeine. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I could have written this schedule. Sans ballet buns! It’s a military operation isn’t it?. Stressed out of my head as I try and pack and sort and leave instructions. I’ll hopefully de-stress on train but will totally be needing a hug when I see you!!!!

  3. Hey Mess and Merlot – You seem pretty organised to me! I’m running out to Sainsbury’s later on to make sure there’s enough food and snacks in the house to keep the girls occupied tomorrow 😉 Lots of early starts tomorrow so I know we’ll love that first cuppa tea or coffee when we arrive at Kings Place. Anyway, I’ll pop over an say hi but if you spot me first, come and say hi too. I’m a hugger (if I sense hugs are welcome). Won’t overdo it tomorrow and will keep the hi-fives low-key. x Sunita, Lucky Things Blog

  4. Were you reading my mind? And, I’m from up north – I hug. Is this we’re I find out you look totally different from your profile pic?
    Eeeeeeee….See you tomorrow! Xx

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