Slightly different post this week as I thought I’d give you a peek into my other life of all things cakey!! Back in 2012, after I had left my full-time job I decided that I wanted to DO something other than just be a SAHM, because as you know looking after a baby and a 3 year old leaves you plenty of time on your hands right??!!! I’ve always enjoyed baking and dreamed of my own little cake shop, a pretty little café in Cornwall, all ‘cake domes on the counter, flowers on the table’ and  a little sign swinging above the door – I’m thinking blue facade, to match the Cornishware mugs….


Anyway, what with now having two small humans, no income and Cornwall being quite a commute from Bedfordshire, I decided to work with what I’d got and set up my own little home baking business. I attended a brilliant ‘Start-Up’ workshop (to get my head around all the dull legals and numbers) and Googled ‘How to set up a website’. Cue two weeks watching YouTube videos on HTML, trying to figure out how the hell to add tabs, insert images, create dropdown  lists etc etc. Finally, on Jan 24th 2013, ‘Martha’s Kitchen’ was officially born. Sorry, I’ve digressed massively, banging on about cake domes when you’ve come here to see how to make a Superhero cake! (If you enjoy looking at cakes you can have a peek at my creations over here  ).

SO, on to the cake. TAH-DAH! Perfect for any little (or big) superhero and I’m gonna show you how it’s done!

IMG_4004Anyone can make this I promise you, it doesn’t involve any particularly tricky decorating techniques or require much skill but there is one thing you will need masses of and that’s time. There are a lot of stages but if you plan ahead and break it down as I show below it’s completely do-able . You’ll be Parent of the Year AND get to feel smug about it – WIN!!

I started with the Hulk fist, modelling it from a mixture of Rice Crispies, marshmallows and butter. Melt a standard bag of mallows (minus one or two for QC) on a very low heat, with a knob of butter. Add crispies until there are enough to make a firm but well coated ball when you squash them together. Allow to cool.

Now for the messy bit. The mixture is really sticky , so for this part I wear disposable gloves coated in butter but you could just coat your hands in butter. Squash the crispie mix together and form a fist shape using your own fist as a guide. Allow to set (pop it in the fridge to help it along). Cover in a layer of white fondant, pressing into all the nooks and crannies, to smooth over the bumps a bit. Don’t worry about getting it completely smooth as I’m guessing Hulk’s hand is a bit gnarly anyway. Cover with green fondant and add some details like knuckles and wrinkles using the end of a teaspoon or anything pointy but not sharp enough to cut the fondant. Rub in cocoa powder to highlight the details and make the fist look grubby. That’s it, Hulk hand done.

For the next part I’m going to assume you know how to bake a sponge cake, if not, er, go learn how to bake a sponge and comeback. A Madeira type works well for stacking as it’s firmer so can hold the weight of fondant, decorations etc. (I’ve still used plastic doweling rods in the bottom layer though – it not that firm! You’ll get them online or in any cake decorators shop).

You’ll need 3 sponges: small, medium, large on cake boards and covered in red, blue and grey fondant respectively. I’ve used 6″, 8″, 10″ here but  depending on how many you’re planning to feed you can go bigger or smaller. A note on covering cakes in fondant – there is no easy way, sorry, I still hate this part but if you just keep lifting it up round the sides and gently easing it down evenly all the way round, you’ll eventually get a feel for what your doing. Failing that you could always do what my friend does; chop the excess off with scissors and hide the wonky bits at the back. Your cake, your call.

Score the top of the red sponge with a sharp knife (see above) and gently peel back the layer of fondant making enough room to place the Hulk fist, to give the effect of it bursting through the cake. To transform the top tier into a Spidey cake, roll out and cut black fondant strips (pizza cutters are perfect for this) and attach to form a web pattern using a small amount of water. I started with 8 vertical strips spaced equally around the cake then joined them up with a row of slightly curved horizontal strips. Make a simple spider shape and position  at the front adding creepy crawly legs.

For the remaining tiers I made a stencil of the Superman and Batman logos and cut around these to create badges from coloured fondant (again, attach with a little water).

Stack your cakes (Tip: coordinating ribbon around each tier makes everything look neater!) Once stacked, roll out some red and black fondant and cut into 2 rectangles, you can judge this by eye as these will be the ‘capes’ at the side so don’t need to be precise. If in doubt, better to cut them too big and trim to size. Attach these to each tier with water leaving a small part of the fondant unattached to give the effect of fabric billowing. I’ve covered a large base in leftover fondant and added the birthday boy’s name (no, it’s not for me!). That’s it, stand back and admire your handy work!! Cool huh?


P.S. I really deliberated whether or not to write this post as I understand that not everyone finds this kind of thing easy. The main thing here is to take your time, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just give it a go -your kid will think you’re awesome!

Just don’t blame me next year when they request a Hogwarts cake. X

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  1. I can’t believe that you deliberated about writing this cake! It is such an amazing cake and you make it so easy! A really good post to share, especially as I have Youngest’s birthday coming up 😉 #marvmondays

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This cake is just too many layers of awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are very clever, despite saying it’s easy. it looks very, very skilful!! And I had no idea you had your own cake business! I loved the way you described the cake shop you would like in your dreams-I’ve just come back from Cornwall, and I have the same kind of dreams whenever I come back from a place like that! My boys have just had their birthdays, but I’m going to do it for my husband’s birthday next month, who will appreciate it just as much as the boys would!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

    1. Aww thank you so much. The reason I posted this particular one is that it looks impressive but actually anyone could have a good go at it. Ooh lucky you, love Cornwall, it’s such an idyllic spot. I am so chuffed you are planning to make this for your hubby, let me know how you get on!!! Thanks for hosting x

  3. Such a good idea to use gloves coated in butter. I will definitely remember that. I used fondant for the first time this year for my boys Superhero party. I must admit. I found it quiet difficult. I wanted to post a picture for you to see, but couldn’t. Thanks for sharing. #bigpinklink

    1. Yes it makes a HUGE difference! Oh really? Sometimes it depends on the brand of fondant, aw shame you couldn’t post the pic on here. It definitely gets easier with practice though 😄

  4. Wow this is bloody amazing! So flipping clever! You are a real artist. Thank you for sharing #marvmondays

  5. Brilliant cake! I have also dabbled in cake making in the past and actually paid for my wedding dress by making and selling novelty cakes. Now I’m a mum it comes in handy! #marvmondays

  6. Wow! I’m so impressed… I need to come back to this post when my son’s birthday is coming up, he loves superheroes and he would definitely adore this cake. Thanks for sharing! #Passthesauce

  7. I am definitely pinning this! My son is Superhero obsessed, and it would make a brilliant birthday cake. I’ve only recently learned about the rice krispie and marshmallows trick – it’s a good one as they are so mouldable. #MarvMondays

    1. Yay glad you like it – yes the RC and mallows are great for moulding aren’t they? Much less wastage than carving cake and a lot lighter too. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  8. unbelievable!!! I daren’t show you my attempts of birthday cakes or even show my son this as he will want to know why his mummy didn’t get the cake making genes! Just brilliant – how many strings to your bow lovely? #passthesauce

    1. AWW THANK YOU! It’s honestly very do-able! Even without the hulk hand it would still be a great cake for any little superhero if you wanted to make it a bit easier 🙂 Thanks for reading x

  9. This is amazing! I really think I would struggle though, I am not a natural baker. Still, I’m book-marking this for when my eldest is into superheros, we’re in to Thomas and dinosaurs at the moment! Also really inspired by your story re your start-up. Off to find more info on your blog now! #PassTheSauce

    1. Thank you so much – I’m so glad to hear you’ve bookmarked this despite not being a natural baker. I do this for paying customers so mine need to be perfect remember, any kid would be delighted with a cake made by Mummy just for them, it really doesn’t need to be perfect! 🙂

  10. This is every bit as awesome as I’d hoped it would be! I had no clue that the fist was rice crispy cake but makes perfect sense. It looks amazing and I’m so pleased you decided to write it. Keep them coming I say!! #bloggerclubuk

  11. I used to bake all the time pre married life then planning a wedding and having a baby took over. I can’t wait to get back to it and I dreamed of a little cupcake shop, similar to you! This cake is awesome. My husband would love it! #BloggerClubUK

  12. OH MY GOD this cake looks amazing, and all of the other cakes on your site, congrats on the new business, it looks like it will be successful! I definitely want a piece of that Naked Wedding Cake ; ). I am the worst cook/baker/anything involved with a kitchen, but I’m bookmarking this in hopes that when my little one turns 1 I WILL bake his cake from scratch. : ) #coolmumclub

  13. Is there no end to your talents?? You are a fabulous writer, you are a fellow lover of the vino and now I find out that you make CAKES!! You and I need to be virtual BFFs! (I’m not sure what I would bring to the arrangement but YOU MAKE CAKES!!??) I am so impressed I actually squeaked – especially at the rice crispy sculpting. Genius!
    Thanks so much for sharing with #passthesauce x

  14. Wow, so pleased you posted this! My cake making skills are pretty dire, but you make this sound really straightforward. I’m bookmarking it to try in a few years time when my son will appreciate the effort! #coolmumclub

  15. That cake is just fabulous! I’m a terrible baker, but maybe I could convince hubby to have a go at this for Spud’s birthday. He would be over the moon!!

  16. This CAKE is AWESOME! I totally clicked the link to MarthasKitchen and go side tracked before coming back! Your’e so tallented! I has a go at making 2 x 20″ cakes for my Mum last November, it worked but the icing went sticky once it had been cut, no idea what went wrong. I’ll try and make cakes again, but maybe not professionally. I do love the idea of making them for my kid though as he grows older! Thanks for sharing with #FamilyFun

    1. Hee hee glad you enjoyed looking at the cakes, that’s funny. If fondant is stored in the fridge it goes sticky, maybe that caused it? Wow 20″ cakes- HUGE!!! Baking is the best, even if it looks like its been dropped from a great height you still GET TO EAT CAKE- all good!! Alternatively flapjacks and banana bread are a complete winner every time, no skills required 😄

      1. It was pretty extreme for my first go at cakes! I’ll think small for Little mans birthday! I didn’t store it in the fridge but our kitchen is cold and it was November so maybe this was it. Great cake!

  17. This is AMAZING! And SO creative. I love how you made Hulks hand! Just.. wow. I don’t think I’d be able to make a cake like this but you have inspired me to give it a try! Especially as I have most of the ingredients in the cupboard…. Hmm. Found your lovely blog via Pick & Mix Friday linky xx

  18. Oh my lordy. I am actually going to continue to admire from afar as ANYTHING I touch in the kitchen immediately turns to sludge. But NW might give it a go (I’ll suggest it, anyway). What an amazing cake and I hope the business is going well. #FabFridayPost

  19. This is awesome! I love how easy you’ve made it look and sound. Im sure that for an absolute baking novice like me it wouldnt be quite so easy, but I’d love to give it a go 😉 I bet you got the best mum of the year award from your little ones this year! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  20. I am soooo glad you shared this post – it’s amazing!! I’m one of those people who sees something on pinterest and totally thinks I can copy it and is often a massive failure. You make it sound so easy. I’m planning a Hulk smash cake smash photo shoot for Alfie’s first birthday, so I may have a go at the Hulk fist! Failing that, my sister and best friend are cake makers so I’ll enlist the help of one of them. Off now to drool over your other creations – I do love a good cake 🙂 #coolmumclub

  21. This post keeps catching my eye – it’s awesome! You make it look so effortless 🙂 I had a Bing cake made for my daughter this year and was amazed how brilliant it looks. You definitely should have some brownie points for making such an epic cake! #fortheloveofBLOG

  22. Fantastic post, thanks so much for sharing. our daddy pig was a chef for years and has just started doing party cakes on the side, and has an exact order for this cake next month… they might have even used your blog/image to show him 🙂 so thank you so much, we had a vague idea but you have clearly explained how to make it..boom 🙂 love you forever #justanotherlinky

  23. I’m back again for more of your awesome cake. DId you make the fondant and colour it yourself? I need to make a cake for hubby…A retro tape cassette cake. I haven’t done anything with coloured fondant before and have cheated with white ready made fondant. Any tips or advice appreciated…Also, did you use marzipan or put anything else on Madeira cake before laying fondant on top? I didn’t see a mention in the post. Thanks very much #justanotherlinky

    1. Hi Jane! It really depends on what colour fondant you need. From experience I learned that if you want a really deep colour like red, black or a darker shade of blue it makes life a lot easier to buy ready coloured fondant. The grey I made up of a mix of white and black fondant and the yellow I made from white with a little colouring (as I only needed a small amount). I always use colour PASTE not liquid as this affects the consistency of the fondant. I do a crumb coating of buttercream, no marzipan. Hope this helps, feel free to shout if you need any help- and let me know how it goes!!

      1. Thanks very much. I ran out of time to do the cake, but I am definitely going to have a go. Your tips are really helpful, especially about the paste, not the liquid.

        If you have a look on my instagram feed you will see one of the very few cakes I have made (The Ping Golf cap…Again for Hubby). Its a fruit cake.

        I hope to see more of your creations.

  24. Oh my word this is amazing! How talented are you lady? Seriously impressed. I live in Cornwall (so not news I know) …. however I really can’t bake 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix

    Stevie x

  25. This looks amazing, you are so talented to be able to make a beautiful and cool cake! I’m impressed! Well done on setting up your own business from home, I have no idea where you find the time to bake, set up a business, have two children and blog, you are a supermum! Thanks for the tips on the icing, I always wondered how a cake gets iced so beautifully. Thank you so much for linking up again at #fortheloveofBLOG, I hope you come back next week. Claire x

    1. Ooh please let me know how it goes (you could always try one or two of the tiers minus the fist?) Good luck with it, I’m sure he will absolutely love it so don’t worry! X

  26. I’m so impressed by your creativity & talent! The cake turned out amazing! The attention to detail is spectacular. It looks like £100 cake. Well done you! I’m glad you did share it – I never would have guessed rice crispies for the fist – what a great idea! Thanks so much for linking up with #bloggerclubuk x

  27. OMG! You are soo talented! I also just had a look at Martha’s Kitchen Page. I love the iPhone; Thank You Teacher Biscuits & Cupcakes; & the Peppa Pig Cake. They are so nice! Looking forward to seeing Hogwarts Cake too! I love baking too, but I can’t seem to be able to bake big cakes – only cupcakes – I need to study more! lol!

    Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x

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