There’s something strangely satisfying about laminating stuff, no? This week we’ve been laminating left right and centre and basically living out my childhood dreams of being Teacher. Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to…

There are oodles of online printables available for organising everything from your weekly menu to your wedding day. Visit Fellowes.com/ideascentre for some fab free options. Use a dry wipe marker so you can clean and reuse as many times as you like.


I also laminated my favourite ‘Daily Blogging Checklist‘, nothing quite as satisfying as being able to tick things off that list right?

Getting Flump to practice her writing isn’t easy at the best of times but it seems the novelty of a wipe-clean sheet makes it slightly more interesting! I also laminated her times tables sheets to keep them in the back of the car for practicing while we’re out and about. Next up – telling the time sheets (wish me luck!)

I found this idea online and thought it was so cute as a present for Grandparents – mini-me bookmarks! Just print a photo of your little one with their hands clasped up in the air, laminate and thread some ribbon through the top – simples. I also made a cute unicorn tail version with some leftover wallpaper. You can find some simple bookmark printables here to get you started.

These wipe clean placemats have been the kids favourite laminating project and actually the most useful. I let them choose some wallpaper samples and cut them to size using this nifty little trimmer. I also found these cool Dinnertime Doodle free printables which the kids will love.

With the start of a new school year comes the bonus of works of art arriving home on a daily basis- yay! Some lovely Mummies cannot bear to part with even the teeniest scrap of paper and store these offerings in a folder, to be filed away for sentimental reasons. I’m not that Mummy, ours get filed away in the recycling bin, sometimes enroute to the front door. However occasionally there are some treasures that even I find hard to ditch – there’s something about those handprint ones that get me every time. A quick trip through the laminator means I can store it away safely to cry over in years to come!

Back in the kitchen my trusty sponge cake recipe (a falling-apart printout covered in various splodges and splatters) got the laminator treatment too. I’ve no idea where I originally found it but I’ve been using it for years and it has the measurements for every shape and size of cake you could want – it’s very, very important given I run a home baking business and have a memory like a sieve when it comes to recipes or anything else involving numbers. This one got the full makeover with some fancy binding to keep it in order – so much better than the scrappy mess it started out as!

I’ll admit, I can’t recall ever thinking ‘You know what would be really useful? A laminator’, but now I’ve started I’m on a roll. I’ve still got lots of ideas to try out and with the kids back at school I know it’s only a matter of time before we’ll all be talking Christmas. Tree decorations, festive placemats, bunting, table place cards…I think I need a lie down. (OK I may have made a tiny start with these reusable gift tags – how cute? You can find the free printable here.

Thanks to Fellowes who supplied me with their crafting pack, we’ve had so much fun getting creative although I fear you may have started a slight laminating obsession now- it’s addictive!

If you fancy getting as laminator happy as me, details of all the products I used are below – scroll to the bottom for your chance to WIN an A3 Laminator!

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  1. Haven’t even considered a laminator ! Would be perfect for my daughter who is in college , my 12 year old son homework and my toddlers nursery pictures !! Thankyou for this chance xx

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