Just a super quick half pint of a post today as I refamiliarise myself with a laptop and poke my nose around the screen to say “Hi!”

So it’s been 3 weeks, did you miss me? Pah, bet you didn’t even notice I’d gone. Charming! Well I missed you lot, keeping me entertained and distracting me from all the very important things.

We’re at the end of our first week back to school here and so far, so good. With the exception of just one little meltdown (me, in the middle of M&S) we’re settling back into the old routine nicely and so far nobody has lost any uniform and Mummy hasn’t forgotten anything important. OK, I forgot the cheque for school dinners but apart from that, all good. On reflection my kids appear to be doing school a lot better than I am, hmmm… Oh, oh and we’ve walked to school four days in a row now and only had to run twice to beat the bell – I can tell you’re impressed. To be honest though, that’s mainly because we got stuck in a traffic jam on Day 1 and Spud was almost having kittens at the thought of being late for school, as a result we are now too scared to ever drive again JUST IN CASE.

Anywho, now that the chalk dust has settled and I’ve had a chance return the house to some sort of order I’m sooooooooooooo looking forward to getting back to blogging, lots of ideas I’ve been itching to crack on with over the holidays.

More of that soon, school run beckons – lovely to be back, looking forward to catching up with you all next week.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Yay! You’re back! I think grey hair is the least of your worries judging from the photo! Of course I missed you!!! I’ve been scouring the linkies for weeks, even clicking on thumbnail pictures with a few super long titles to check you hadn’t forgotten to do short titles so your name was always easy for me to spot.

    Thanks for reminding me about dinner money!! Yikes! I’ve tripped at the first hurdle. You’ll be impressed to know that I learned from my mistakes of previous years and actually remembered to buy some new school shoes…even more impressive, we bought them from the clarks outlet and got the next size up while we were at it too! I’ll probably forget where I put the spare pair or forget I bought them at all but hey ho!!

    Anyway, delighted you are back! Look forwArd to more! You have been missed. Can you please come to blogon or Blogfest (with cake) so we can actually meet!

  2. Hee Hee hi Jane!! Hope you’ve had a lovely Summer? Ah you’re too kind but yes as you can see I’ve only posted a few times over the holidays – note to self – next year PLAN SOME POSTS IN ADVANCE 🙂 99.99% ON Blogfest – might even book tonight!
    P.S Have 50 Mum points for the shoes, very impressive work 😉

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