After last week’s epiphany following my weekend break from blogging I’ve been enjoying a newfound sense of balance and sanity (well, where blogging is concerned anyway). I usually take an ‘all or nothing’ approach so trying not to get bogged down with ALL THE THINGS  is taking a bit of restraint but overall I feel much better for it. There’s no limit to the amount we can do in a bid to grow and promote; interacting via linkies and twitter chats or just enjoying reading a few posts with a cuppa for the hell of it.

Generally, you get out what you put in and rightly so. I know there are pro bloggers out there who work day and night growing their brand and running their blog as an actual business. There are also parents who work full-time and yet find the time to post regularly, run linkies and competitions, hang out on Twitter and still remember to bring the PE kits on the right day and fashion a solar system costume out of some loo roll tubes and a grapefruit the night before ‘Space Day’ (HOW?!). I am neither of these people and unfortunately have no plans to be anytime soon so I need to accept that and be realistic about what I can  achieve in the time I’m willing to dedicate to my little blog baby.

So that’s that all sorted, jolly good. This zen-like approach lasted all of a week before it suddenly dawned on me: OH MY GOD IT’S ONLY THREE WEEKS UNTIL THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

If I’m struggling to keep up now how on earth will I manage a whole 6 weeks (8 in Ireland) with the kids at home?! Over half term there was an understandable lull in activity amongst a lot of my fellow parent bloggers; however that was only a week or two, hardly a huge deal but the whole of the school holiday? How the hell does that go?  Seriously seasoned #pbloggers , what are we looking at here? 6 weeks of tumbleweed or an enormous increase in ‘pre-loved’ posts? (Actually I don’t really mind these unless they are about how to make a Minion Jack-o-lantern in the middle of April). I had considered entitling this post ‘EVERYBODY PANIC!’ but then realised it may just be an overreaction on my part, the pros have probably been preparing for this since new year.

The obvious solution would be scheduling posts and while I totally get why a pro would go down this route, it just doesn’t sit well with me personally. My little blog is mainly ramblings on what’s happening in real-time, a natural progression from one post to the next depending very much on what I’ve experienced/read/discovered prior to writing the post. Rightly or wrongly, I want my posts to be authentic, reactive or even just a good old chinwag depending on how I am feeling, not something premeditated or written under duress because I feel I should be ‘keeping the blog ticking over’. I am not saying scheduling is a bad thing for other bloggers, just that it doesn’t fit naturally with my approach right now. Like I say, I’m not a professional blogger so this may not do me any favours or could be perceived as detrimental to my success, whatever that may be, but I can only make decisions based on my gut – hey, my blog, my rules!

Ok so I think we’ve gathered that scheduling probably isn’t going to be a way round this little dilemma (unless we’re scheduling extended toilet breaks?), so what are my options?  How can I cobble together something remotely cohesive without it taking even longer despite 649,352 interruptions, mainly due to snack demands, tending to imaginary injuries and bum-wiping requests?

Now I know you may think I’m overreacting slightly here, I mean it’s not like I post every day but every blogger knows it’s not just about firing out a post, it’s as much about joining in and sharing the love too. So here’s my master plan, or how I intend to juggle a decent amount of blogging while actually enjoying the holidays with my little cherubs:


1. Time Management: It takes me bloody ages to write a post. I am simply unable to bang out a post without agonising over whether or not it’s perfect. At least 80% of that time is spent faffing, so there’s definitely a case for just trying to minimise the faffery and getting on with it. In truth faffery is to blame for most of my time-wasting sins including getting distracted by notifications of posts I follow (I’ll just have a quick peek…an hour later I’ve commented, clicked on 3 in-post links, signed up for a free subscription box and started a 7 day trial on PicMonkey!)

I’m experimenting with setting a timer while writing this post and so far I’ve had a phone call from my brother and a man turn up 4 hours early to quote me for replacing the garden fence panels. Both of which are great but also perfect examples of how my futile attempt at time management has gone to pot without the kids even being here!

Cunning Plan: It’s pretty obvious that most of these distractions can be avoided by just switching my phone off for an hour. NEXT!

2. Choose Your Moment: Now onto minimising interruptions of the non-technological variety AKA kids, who unfortunately don’t come with a ‘silent mode’. Of course I don’t expect them to let me get on with anything uninterrupted for longer than 3 minutes despite my desperate pleas for a bit of peace ; (in a similar way to how they suddenly have no end of urgent questions and require an abnormal amount of trips to the loo when you’ve asked them to get into bed!)

All parents waved goodbye to the certainty of uninterrupted time lonnnnnnng ago and it would be selfish of me to expect them to behave like anything other than normal, inquisitive, rambunctious little scamps anyway.

Cunning Plan: Time to get clever, think about what really holds their attention. An afternoon film and popcorn is usually a winner in our house when the kids are hot and tired and should guarantee some peace once a week. 

3. The Notebook: A trip to the playgroynd, moochingat the library or a scoot around the park. There’s a good 30 minutes where I am basically surplus to requirements (in their eyes) with the exception of the odd swing-pushing request.

Cunning Plan: With my trusty pad and pen by my side that’s just enough time to plan out the bones of a post, catch up on a linky, enjoy reading that post I bookmarked or reply to blog comments.

4. Brucie Bonus: Sunny day? Fill that paddling pool, slap on the factor 50 and the kids are good to go for the day. Arrange a playdate rota with friends so you have a day child free couple of hours every so often. Suss out what’s on locally for kids; lots of councils, sports clubs and churches run free or reasonably priced sessions over the holiday- take advantage of them.

Cunning Plan: When opportunity knocks……………BLOG!

5. Bribery: So the post is ready to publish and you literally need FIVE MINUTES to do a final read through. Suddenly a little person appears at your side requesting the entire contents of Hobbycraft for something really cool they just saw on Mr Maker.

Cunning Plan: The promise of ‘getting the paints out’ in exchange for a few precious minutes if perfectly acceptable in such an emergency.

6. Lower your expectations: When I had my first child one of the pearls of wisdom many parents offered me in relation to housework was ‘lower your expectations’. You will never again have the ‘luxury’ of being bored enough to wash down the skirting boards or vacuum the curtains. Similarly, with little people around to keep you busy, lowering your expectations of what you can realistically achieve with your blog will save you a lot of stress.

Cunning Plan: Relax. Remind yourself you are not the only one short on time at the moment. I’m a Mummy before everything, that’s my priority and I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying that time with my kids free from the pressure to post. 


I’d love to hear what your blogging plans are in preparation for the holidays – are you a fan of scheduling or just planning to take a bit of a step back and enjoy the Summer?


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  1. Got to admit I’m a bit of a late night blogger. I kick myself every morning when I’m peeling my eyelids open but the majority of my work gets done when little legs is in bed. I’m also a big fan of tapping out the draft into my WordPress app & then edit it and schedule once I have time to turn the computer on without someone asking if they can do some ‘typing’. I schedule tweets to promote aswell, that’s usually my last job before bed and again can be done with my phone using Buffer. Thank God for smartphones! I hope the summer holidays go smoothly for you. #twinklytuesday

    1. Ooh I am SO grumpy in the mornings I just cannot stay up late so evenings are kind of out for me (plus Himself gets jealous if the blog gets more attention than him!) 🙂
      I think I need to get quicker at scheduling tweets, it seems to take me an eternity so I just think stuff it I’ll just tweet in real time as it’s quicker 🙂
      Thanks for reading, have a lovely Summer too! x

  2. Charlie, you really are a woman after my own heart. I can’t get into the scheduling thing either. If I want to write, I write which means obviously there is never a set day let alone a set time, contravening all those “best blogging guides”. I am dreading the summer holidays too as can see the irregularity getting worse. LIke you I have a notepad at the ready which I have promised myself I will take everywhere to jot down thoughts wherever possible and will snatch those precious moments when the kids are out as dedicated blogging time. As an aside your posts read so well that even if they take 4 hours, the end product is worth it. Enjoy the summer. #picknmix

    1. Hurrah! We’re not alone – so many comments from fellow-faffers! Oooh no please don’t dread the holiday, that would be such a shame, it’s only a blog after all and there will be so many others in the same boat so I imagine there will be a lull in posts over the holidays.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it really does mean a lot to hear that you enjoy my posts so I appreciate that.
      Have a fab summer too!

  3. Mwa! I love you! Seriously! I read this post and it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders because there are more bloggers like me out there!!This is me!!!! (especially the faffing) This post is me with bells on!!!! Have you been spying on my faffing? I think I signed up to the same subscriptions and free trials too….I try and focus then something shiny pops up….It takes me Hours and hours and hours to write a post and then spew it all over social media and link it and schedule it and everything.

    Oh, I am so utterly relieved its not just me. I love that beaker scream picture by the way…I did the same…OH NO its nearly the summer holidays thing.

    I am favouriting this and reading it again, like some evergreen reminder that I am not alone on my little ‘faffy’ ‘juggling life and kids’ little island.

    P.S. I love your writing. So whenever or however you squeeze out a post I will be looking forward to it…Even though you ate my piece of cake.

    1. Ha ha – glad to be of assistance. The number of people who have commented saying the same re faffing makes me feel WAY better – I’m not alone! 🙂
      HOW is the school year nearly over already – it snuck up on me and now everywhere I look it’s blimmin ‘Back to School’ promotions 🙂
      Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment, no you are most definitely not alone and I’m sure this won’t be the last convo we have re kids/holidays!!!!!!
      (I will bring cake to Blogfest – promise!)

  4. I think I could be like an Olympic champion faffer! I’m not even going to admit to how long it takes me to even comment on posts as I even have to faff with my comments!? (Not that you would know – my spelling never seems to improve – Hmmf). I salute you lovely bloggy friend! I think you’ve got the balance just right – in that it’s just enough for you to enjoy it without it teetering into becoming a hassle. I do have to have a word with myself and remind myself that it isn’t actually my job and nobody is paying me or managing my performance in this. It’s just for me, and it’s fun. Nobody is going to notice if I don’t post on a Wednesday because I was too busy sitting up late watching episodes of Love Island back to back! Brilliant post as always. Thank you for linking up with us at #fartglitter xx

    1. It would appear from my comments that we are one giant group of faffers!!! 🙂
      Yep, I have no structure or reasoning to my ‘style’ of commenting – bouncing from linky to comment to post many times and back again like a pinball.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and for hosting x

  5. I’m loving your costume making suggestion, genuinely made me laugh! As for summer holidays – I’m an ex teacher, now SAHM to two 3 and unders. The holidays are yet to hit in this house. I’m in that lovely gooey stage where I believe I’ll really miss Squidge when she starts school. Although if you’d asked me today after the 98th “Mummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy” I might’ve signed her up early 🙂
    I’m new to blogging and taking all advice I’ve read so far I’m trying to plan ahead and get three posts out a week, at around the same time. My adoring fans (that’ll be my mum) may be waiting patiently for it to upload after all! Good luck in your search of five minutes peace, let me know if you find it!

    1. ha ha glad you enjoyed it, yes you will miss them but you’ll soon get used to your peace and quite (ok, well maybe not with one still at home but it’s nice to have 1-1 time with the youngest) Jeez, 3 posts a week?! I struggle with 1! 🙂 x

  6. Aww I do love a good faff session. Honestly I’ll write a post and then just tinker with it for what seems like forever. The end result being things you can’t even see anyway like tags and categories etc. We should hold a faff contest, haha #bloggerclubuk

  7. Oh god THANK YOU for writing this! Mine are still not at school (too young, not too naughty, though that might be to come …) and I am finding it SO hard to write at the moment. I go back to work on Monday and am actually thinking I’ll get more done in my half hour lunch break than I have in the last couple of weeks! I started scheduling posts but I got so behind it just depressed me. The only saving grace is that some of the conversations I have with NG are so obscure, they ‘make’ me write if that makes any sense?! Your writing is ace and I think your wheezes to get round the holiday difficulties sound spot on. Good luck! #bloggerclubuk

  8. Oh, thank you, thank you for writing this post – don’t care how long it took you, it was great to know that we are ‘normal’ (well, that’s debatable…) and that other bloggers faff and get sidetracked too. At least you have the excuse of YOUNG kids – ours are all much older and capable of doing stuff by themselves, but NO! We still get interrupted for snacks or something every five minutes it seems (including those imaginary injuries – when does that stop?!). I’ve been trying to get my head round the linkies thing but even this is torturing my brain and making me feel guilty for not knowing more – just finding out about which ones to join and then HOW to join it – blinking badge thingies and stuff I don’t seem to have time to fathom. Or the number of times I’ve commented on someone’s post only to be asked for my password at the end of it all and then password not being recognised even though it’s the one we always use! Gah! So I think you’re right, let’s not be so hard on ourselves, just go with the flow and write when opportunity and the mood strikes. Good luck with it, enjoy your summer, and don’t worry… if we don’t see a post from you for a while, we won’t forget you and will understand, as we and countless others are in exactly the same boat.

    1. Aww what a lovely comment – thank you so much!! It would appear I am not alone then? Oh FFS those ‘log in to comment’ things do my head in!! Disquis and whatnot – gahhhh! Thanks for popping in x

  9. I can spend weeks on one post, then write another in the loo in ten minutes…..(not actually while on the loo…but hiding from everyone). Totally agree though that 10 minutes of ‘quality’ time making some bit of crap for your kids can sometimes buy you 30 mins of peace and quiet….I can be very productive once they are occupied with a cardboard football pitch/really rubbish cardboard house with little doors and windows etc…

  10. Exactly what I needed to read today. I’m glad you enjoyed your little sabbatical and have some plans, and back up plans, to keep the momentum going. I definitely agree that it’s not quite enough to hit publish and expect a good outreach without putting in some further engagement, but bloggers could spend 24 hours a day promoting their craft and it’s hard to know when enough is enough! Hope you have a fabulous summer xx #BloggerClubUK

  11. We are currently on school holidays and in a ridiculous moment I decided to move my site to a new one. Well that basically took up almost 2 days of full stress and a lot of problems all while trying to pacify 2 little beauties just wanting my attention. I am no pro blogger, very new, and I find I am spending most nights trying to write and make connections, much to my husbands disappointment! I think I owe him a dinner to ourselves and a night off!

    1. Urgh nightmare – have you gone self-hosted? It’s hard when the littlies don’t quite understand why they can’t have your undivided attention and you’re there having a nervous breakdown over a blog!!

  12. I love this post!! You had me laughing and then going – oh, that is so like me…and oh THAT is so like me and OKAY, THAT IS ME! You have said it well, at the end of the day, we are Mothers first and that takes priority. The children are only young once! Oh yeah, I am quite a great faffer too and I just get distracted by the other going ons, but never housework though. I write notes on my phone all the time, the best way to do some blogging while the kids are out having some sun. That is the only thing that works for me. #bigpinklink

  13. I kind of do a bit of both. When an idea comes into my head I write a few notes in a draft blog post to come back to, then other days something might happen and I’ll just have to write it in full and hit publish straight away. At least I always have loads of half written posts that don’t take long to finish & schedule for an empty day in my calendar 🙂 #TwinklyTuesdays

  14. I know exactly how you feel. I was a bit of an all or nothing blogger for a while but then i burnt myself out. Now i’m getting myself into a routine where i can enjoy blogging but not let it take over my life.

    You’ve got some great tips and plans to get through the summer … Hope it works out 🙂


  15. I think that you’ve made a lot of people happy with this post! Bloggers seem to put themselves under untold amounts of pressure – even when they are doing it as well as a full time job/looking after babies and children/having a life. I can relate to this post because I am so new to this – I was wondering what everyone does over the Summer – does blogging grind to a halt?! I don’t think I’ll schedule, as I, like you, react to the moment and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that anyone will mind a break from me…or even notice! Alison x #BloggerClubUK

  16. As a teacher, my plan for the holidays is to actually get round to doing some work on my blog! It seems like every other blogger clocks off for a bit to mind the kids, and I’m like, I need to turbocharge my blogging NOW quick, before I get bogged down with work! Then all the linkies stop running for the holidays and everyone disappears, and suddenly the blogosphere is like tumbleweed…and then I go back to work and everyone comes back and starts blogging again. Reading through your post and the comments above was great-I know I’m not the only one who feels as though they are faffing around and everyone else is doing more! #abrandnewday

    1. Ahh yes I can imagine it’s all a bit back to front for you then? For what it’s worth I love your blog and think you do brilliantly, you’d never know you fit it in around work and mummying too! Ha ha I know it seems we are one big group of faffers!! Thanks for reading x

  17. Thank you for sharing this…this is me today. I’m feeling this weird pressure to write but feeling like I don’t know what I want to write about! You are right, the summer is coming and I need to enjoy the time with the kids before school starts again and my little baby will go to nursery. The time management aspect of it is something I need to work on too…how easy it is to get distracted by Twitter, the postman and ooooh I kind of fancy a cheese toastie right now haha! x #bloggerclubuk

    1. Oh really? Well at least you know you’re not the only one so hopefully that helps ? Aww yes you definitely want to make the most of the next few weeks with baby – far more important than blogging – that can wait. mmmmm toastie 🙂 Thanks for reading x

  18. Every time I have read your blog blog posts I think, right I need to blog less! It stresses me out sometimes and it totally shouldn’t! Today I’m feeling guilty for having a few things scheduled! It’s not holiday related just life related! I take forever to write some things that if I didn’t have things scheduled or at least draft form I’d never post anything. Keep doing what you are doing! It’s all fab. Thanks for linking to #abrandnewday

    1. Oh no – is that a good thing?!? I hope so. You shouldn’t ever feel guilty about how you run your blog – like I said, your blog, your rules right? Thanks for hosting x

  19. I am an early morning and every Sunday blogger! I always wake before my daughter does and in the school holidays I won’t need to wake her so there’s a bit of extra time to get posts up and link up. I also plan tweets, facebook posts etc on Sundays as they are the most relaxed day of the week for us! But the summer will be tough! #abrandnewday

  20. Totally with you on this! I also just looked at the calendar and thought Whhhaaaat??!! How can it be that there are (now) only 2 weeks left at school (and 1 week left for the youngest at pre-school)?! PANIC!!!
    I try and cram a blog in wherever I can. Sometimes once they are in bed, but also been known to put them in front of the TV for a film too. I tried scheduling a couple of posts when I went away over Easter but it’s not really for me because it means a) having to be super organised and write a few up front b) Like you say, I’m not really going with how I feel write at that moment! I think I’ll stick to muddling through and doing what I can WHEN I can. One thing’s for sure, I don’t want blogging to become a pressure that competes for time with my kids. I guess we’ll see how it goes. There could be one big radio silence where we meet again in September or it could all work out?! #BloggerClubUK xx

  21. That thing about Mister Maker!! Happens to me every time they watch it. Aaaargh!! I’m all for a combination of scheduling/TV/garden/playdates/various camps, plus sometimes I think it’s actually good for kids to play by themselves for a bit and not with me. I’m 99.9% sure my mum didn’t play with me all day when I was a kid. I’m not quite the generation that was sent out of the house after breakfast with a packet of custard creams and not expected back until tea (yeah, I did read that somewhere – how times have changed!!), but I distinctly remember my mum saying things like ‘if you are bored you can help me with the housework’, which always ensured I was instantly not bored any more. I do also do my best to seize the moment. If they are happy, I’ll take the opportunity to blog a bit until they get bored and then take time out of blogging/social media to give them some proper quality time for a bit. Eb x

    1. Oh I agree 100% I often tell them to just ‘go and play’. Does them good to have to use their imagination and not rely in us as entertainers. If they can’t manage it I threaten to give the toys they don’t play with to another child 😄 Usually helps! Thanks for reading x

  22. Lovely I’m completely in awe of some bloggers I don’t know how they do it!! Amazing! I think I can safely say I won’t be setting the blogging world alight any time soon – I’m seriously too tired!

    I can’t wait for the summer holidays BUT I do feel a little worried about how I’m going to keep two little ones entertained eek! #bloggersclubuk

  23. I thinks that a very healthy approach to blogging and one I’m starting to lean toward…I think, a good break does everyone good every now and then. I find scheduling a pain in the bum and stay up too late blogging. Defo a regret come the morning. Anyway good luck with the school hols and carry on blogging…in a manner that suits you 😊 Xx #ablogginggoodtime

  24. Hmmm…so many questions. I too have had a little blog-balance epiphany – which mainly involves cutting back on linkies and focusing on writing. I do feel a bit out of the loop though so think I may need to pop back to my faves from time to time.
    I have no idea what we do with the linky – current plan is to take 3 weeks off, after all it should be quieter and we do LOVE doing it. It’s all trial and error. Best bet is not to worry about it, just dip in when the moment takes you.
    xxx #coolmumclub (PS guess who’s up tomorrow on meet the members)…

    1. Yes linkies was unfortunately the first thing I had to start getting strict on. I definitely feel guilty about that but somethings gotta give, preferably not my sanity 😄 TBH I would probably be relieved if the #coolmumclub had a little holiday too 😬 Thanks for hosting and v excited about MTM eek!! X

  25. I’m a late night blogger usually so will carry on with that but will probably wind down a bit over the summer – with a few scheduled posts here and there. I think a lot of bloggers ease off over the summer so it’s not a bad time to take a break anyway. #coolmumclub

  26. I see another teacher has commented above – I usually have more time to blog during the holidays but other bloggers get quieter, so it can feel like you’re missing out.
    I’m trying to teach my elder son to have an hour of quiet playing time (i.e. independently) while the baby naps so I can do some blogging, and the rest happens in the evenings. There’s never enough time to blog though! #BloggerClubUK

  27. Love it and now I’m petrified of the summer hols! It’s the first time I have done summer holidays properly with my three (going on thirteen) year old as I’m on maternity leave. I am trying to think of 101 things to fill the days I almost forget I will have to get my blog fix in, and all the social media loveliness I have learnt! I am going away to concoct a plan….no wise words apart from o hear you, good luck and I’m sure wine is one of the answers xx

  28. Ha-this made me laugh! I think I almost signed up for the self-same pic monkey trial this week (that was after I’d faffed with all its features on my blog portrait photo just as a test drive. I gave myself vampire skin, changed the texture to Egyptian papyrus and found the perfect filter which made me look 15 years younger ) (incidentally, I only meant to find out how to overlay writing on my posts!!) Anyways, 10 hours later…
    Roll on September 😉
    Ps. Jane at Maflingo told me I’d like your blog and she was right. So now I have to spend 4 hours reading everything you’ve written!

  29. I probably should get more of a plan but currently don’t have much of one. I just work on it when I can and try to set goals for the week. I mostly stay up late working on mine or during short breaks at work. It’s been hard though because I’ve been attempting to be more present at home with my family as blogging had kind of sucked me in for a month. Thanks for sharing your tips and I hope the break with your kids goes well!#FartGlitter

  30. I do a mixture of scheduled and live posts. I write reactively as and when things happen in my life but I don;t always post them straight away I keep some things as draft because sometimes loads happens and I write, write, write and sometimes it doesn’t. As I also have series like my book corner, SEND parenting, Quotes etc these can be scheduled in advance. But as a reactive writer I like to write and post best… I suppose it depends on your blog and what kind of things you write. I have made a blogging schedule for myself and tend to get up and do what I need to do for an hour on the morning or on the night when the kids have gone to bed. I am worried about the holidays though and fitting everything in! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

    1. I don’t know how you fit it all in!! Yes that’s a good point re scheduling posts that aren’t really time specific, I could do that with recipe related posts and have a few saved in drafts perhaps! I’m sure we’ll figure something out!?! 😄 Thanks for hosting x

  31. Hi, this was a great little read. .
    I too take forever to write a post. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I also don’t schedule because it’s not me and to be honest I never know when I’ll be writing my next post. I’m abit erratic like that. I don’t even have kids ! I do have a job, a mr, a cat and a dog and that’s enough 😀 Thanks for sharing , Tracey x #brillblogposts

  32. Really enjoyed reading this. I never schedule anything because I’m all about real time like you said. My blog post is mainly about my ramblings (to name but a few things) and if I didn’t do that in real time it wouldn’t work. I think this is something that can really resonate with fellow bloggers out there. #brillblogposts

  33. I work full time, and apart from a week off at the start of the hols, and another at the end, I’ll be continuing as usual while N’s in holiday club. My intention for my week away was to have posts ready to go, but while I have some posts in my stock ready, I’ve not sorted out photos, and I won’t be doing the usual social media as much. Plus last year’s camping trip turned out to have no wifi, then I came home to a BT cock up and no wifi for 3 weeks so it was a disaster. Lots of people just take time off. But I’ll schedule 2 or 3 posts while I’m away (I usually blog pretty much daily) and it’ll keep me sorted. Just won’t be able to send out my newsletter, so must remember to pause that before I go!

  34. I’ve decided to take a more laid back approach to blogging I’m never going to be a pro blogger so why stress myself out. I actually think i might manage more posts in the summer though as i have 6 weeks off work & can plug the kids into youtube for the odd hour. Woo hoo. #cool mum club lifeinthemumslane

  35. I’m very much like you in that I’m not a fan of scheduling posts. I tend to write and want to publish there and then! That’s why I struggle with consistency! Great ideas here lovely. Summer holidays are so long (not that we’ve experiences them yet!). Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  36. I only ever schedule if we’re actually going away on a holiday, as I refuse to work whilst away but hate the idea of my blog being neglected for a whole week! Sad I know ha, the summer holidays I will most likely write on the days when they are busy playing outside with friends in between our usual days out.
    I do have the bonus of having older children though… they so don’t need me as much (sob) . Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

    Stevie x

    1. I know what you mean though, your blog is another level and must take so much work, not to mention the linky! Yes older kids are so much better at entertaining themselves aren’t they ?! Thanks for hosting x

      1. Aw thank you sweetheart but seriously I’m on the same level as anyone else 😉 I have my shortcuts that help though 😉

        My photos of Cornwall series I love not just for the photos etc obviously but also it’s a handy copy and paste post that I can use on the weeks where I’ve got way too much going on at home etc to manage to post much.

        My advice for the summer for anyone who is worried about having time to post is to start a guest series of some sort. 😉 xx

  37. I am a slave to faffery!! Sometimes I realise I’ve been doing about 12 different things for the last hour and not actually completed anything, never mind written a post! #brillblogposts

  38. The school holidays don’t affect us much yet as our girls are both pre-school but I will be taking a blog break while we are away in August. I’d love to write posts in advance and schedule them but I never have time. Lowering expections definitely work for me 😆 #thelist

  39. I have learnt that you just have to do what you can and not pile too much pressure on. I always have a notebook and pen around me just in case a flash in inspiration occurs or I am stuck in the car during nap time! Scheduling hugely helps me and dont commit to too many things! Try and enjoy the summer!!
    #coolmumclub xx

  40. My kids have already been off for a week and a half and I’m already struggling. My two seem to have a sixth sense, they just know when I’m opening the laptop and absolutely need me in that exact moment, so I’m not getting much done! #TwinklyTuesday

  41. Oooo now you’ve got me thinking – was I being naive thinking I may actually ‘get ahead’ a bit in the holidays?! I suppose it’s a bit different for me as I am a teacher so evenings can be dedicated to the blog and not split between marking and blogging…. I have not tips sorry but I think I need to “minimise the faffery” too. Also, the cunning plan of no. 6 is so important – we won’t get this time back with our kids so they will come first, everything else second…. (ha ha, remind me of this in 4 weeks time!!) Good luck! #ABrandNewDay x

  42. I homeschool my kids so I hardly ever get a break ,I do make time for myself and do me things,blogging being one of them, I am trying this blogging thing but it is a challenge.

  43. ahh there just is not enough time in the day is there? My boy isn’t in school yet so I am used to trying to blog while he’s running riot around the house or jumping all over me. I tend to do most of my writing in the evenings and I join up to linkys in the morning and try do my comments before he is awake and out of bed. It is hard finding the time to do everything, I am sure you’ll make it work. I like the sound of your cunning plans xx #TheList

  44. It is going to be an epic juggle that’s for sure! Loved this huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  45. I’m not one of those mums that have their sh!t together either… But, I don’t think even THOSE mums will think that they are those mums either, if that makes sense? Lol, basically, there will be someone out there, thinking of you as being pretty awesome and wishing that they could be like you! I also need a master plan to balance things out so I might just jot a few of these tips down. My blog is tiny, tiny minuscule, and to be honest I don’t feel pressured to add to it just for the sake of it either.. because I’m having lots of fun joining in the linkys and reading other people’s blogs, just like this one that I’m reading right now 😉 xx

  46. I really stepped back for a while I had lost the love and doing tang brought it back. I struggle to ever schedule. Posts pop into my bead and I’ve found if I quickly type it out in notes on my phone I can then bulk it out and perfect it later in the evening once they are in bed. I don’t post every day I just don’t have the time. Thanks for linking to #picknmix x

  47. I’m almost envious that you’ve made your peace with not being able to do ALL the blog things ALL the time. I know you read my Guilty Blogger Confessions last month; basically time management and just ALL the things were part of what I mentioned. I drive myself totally crazy tbh and I’m sure if I spent more time working and less time fretting and almost hyperventilating with the sheer panic over my blog schedule, I’d get so much more done. Mine have been off since mid June as we have a very long holiday here (yet it’s shorter than the actual Maltese schools who don’t go back til late September!) but how much actual quality time have i spent with them? I’m blessed that they get up, make their own brekkie and then play happily for literally hours on end; sadly for them it means they’re cursed as their mum takes advantage of that a bit too much… #BigPinkLink and I’ve seen this on other linkies too I think x

    1. Ha ha well it was that or drive myself insane with worry/guilt/stress/EVERYTHING 🙂 Oh no, it’s not good to be that stressed Missus, although I understand you have a great blog going there and want to keep the momentum up, it’s a tricky one. TBH if my kids were a little older and I was redundant in my role as Chief Entertainer, I probably wouldn’t be that concerned about the holidays. Jeez that’s such a long break, respect to the Maltese mums!! Don’t feel guilty, I bet your kids are at the age where they’re more than happy that you’re busy blogging while they get on with doing their own thing!! 🙂 Plus I gather from previous posts you do loads of stuff with them (just not baking or crafts right?!!), it’s Mum guilt mixed with Blogger guilt, I decided to just go full on with the blogger guilt for a few weeks 🙂 Thanks for commenting, take care, stay sane xx

  48. This will be my third summer holiday as a blogger (semi pro and steadily going pro pro!!). I’ll let you into a secret; I’ve been preparing for the 6 week break since January!

    1. Ahh you see – I knew it!! Good for you, I started blogging in January so this first year is a very steep learning curve. Hope you have a lovely break over the Summer – all that preparation will be so worth it! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  49. I wish I spent more time, care and effort in blogging but I just quickly whack a blog together while I’m feeding the baby.. lol I’m not that dedicated seeing as I’m so busy anyway but it passes the time while I’m sat here not being able to move because I have a 3 week old stuck on my boob. Hopefully you can improve and shorten your writing time maybe try not to over think and be a little more carefree.

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