As readers of my weekly series ‘She Loves Herself’ will know, each guest ends their post by completing the statement: ‘I pledge to love myself a little more today by…’ 

From “drinking more water” to “appreciating just how much my body can do” these pledges are something we should all try to make (and stick to) for ourselves everyday. I’ve written here and here previously about my own thoughts on the pressure to strive for physical ‘perfection’ and it’s fair to say that even today body confidence doesn’t come naturally to me – I’m still a work in progress. 

This is why I’m delighted to show my support for the ‘Be Real‘ campaign for body confidence, supported by Dove.

“The latest part of this movement is the Be Real Body Image Pledge which calls on the advertising, fashion, music and media industries to pledge to transform the way they portray body image and to responsibly reflect reality, diversity and healthy role models for all.”*

Halleluja! Imagine a world where our children can grow up seeing real, healthy bodies grace magazine covers, appear in music videos and walk the runway – a world away from the images I remember growing up with and repeatedly comparing myself to. Hat’s off to Dove for supporting and promoting such an important campaign, one that can really make a difference and hopefully change things for the better, for good.



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  1. it would be amazing to see a range of body types on magazines and in the media. With one daughter who has a sporty look and the other who looks like she belongs on a cat walk I want them both to know they have beautiful bodies. Society shames girls who are not model thin and yet they also think it is OK to bully naturally thin girls by accusing them of having eating disorders, this insults thin girls and demeans those suffering from mental illness and genuine eating disorders. All shapes should be celebrated, we are all beautiful.

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