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Last week Stevie from A Cornish Mum set herself a ’40 before Forty’ challenge featuring a list of, you guessed it, 40 things she would like to achieve before her fortieth birthday. This is right up my street, I love a good list so I went to work on putting together my own ’40 things’ and in no particular order here’s what I came up with:

  1. Learn to play Poker (and win a game)
  2. Post more cards/letters/gifts
  3. Craft something functional, that actually looks nice.
  4. Learn to play the drums
  5. Learn a ‘proper’ dance.
  6. Learn to swim (yup!)
  7. Grow something, anything, successfully.
  8. Clear braces
  9. Visit Lake Bled, Slovenia
  10. Make my own jam
  11. Read more Oscar Wilde
  12. Take a hot air balloon ride
  13. Buy a proper grown up camera
  14. Learn how to use it
  15. Weekend away with the girls
  16. NYE fireworks in London
  17. Get a 6 pack
  18. Run the London marathon
  19. Family knees up with my cousins
  20. Learn (a lot) more about blogging
  21. Volunteer
  22. Afternoon tea at The Ritz (and Claridges!)
  23. Botox my 11s (the angry looking bit between the eyebrows)
  24. Learn to speak French
  25. Drive and Aston Martin on a racetrack
  26. Visit a vineyard
  27. Spend a day watching all those old movies I’ve been meaning to see forever
  28. Life drawing class
  29. Buy a piece of art
  30. Prettify the garden
  31. Go to the ballet
  32. Jump off a diving board
  33. Christmas Carols at The Royal Albert Hall
  34. Get a National Trust membership
  35. Drive a campervan around Ireland
  36. Visit a theme park
  37. Take the kids to see a West End show
  38. Go geocaching
  39. Cook every recipe in ‘Leon- Baking & Puddings’
  40. Quit stressing about turning 40

Given that I have a MUCH smaller time frame than Stevie to achieve the above (3 years in June!)  I probably need to start oooh about 6 years ago. I’ll also need to sell a kidney to fund it all but apart from that I’m good to go.

I’ll admit No.15 is a little bit cheaty because I do actually have a girls weekend away coming up but this is something I’ve never done, even before kids, despite wanting to for years so it’s staying.

NYE Fireworks in London I’d like to do just once because actually I secretly like staying in with Himself watching it on telly with a bottle of bubbles. Learning to play the drums is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, it’s only the teeny matter of actually needing to own a drum kit that’s been holding me back. There was a brief moment, student loan safely secured in my account, when I came close. Sadly I had to choose between that and food. Let’s just say I put on quite a bit of weight that term.

Abs?  Pahahahahahahahahahhah! Neevvver gonna happen. Marathon? Again,unlikely given my aversion to anything remotely athletic.

Even still, looks like I’m going to have a busy few years ahead, best crack on I suppose…

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  1. Great list of things to aim for. My Mother *may* have recently turned 40 and there were three things she wanted to achieve….and the best one of all was having me 🙂 Good luck with your list, looks like you’re in for some fun times! #bigpinklink

  2. I also read Stevie’s post and I am going to write my list soon, I am 31 now, so I have 9 years, #Twinklytuesday

  3. what a fab idea – 40 has just passed me so i’ll have to do 50 things before I’m 50 – eeek – love the sound of it though and you should so so try to do as many as possible – such a way of really living life to the full – love it! Drums – you must – I’m a piano teacher and you’d be amazed at how many mums I teach who always wanted to learn but never did – they are my favourite pupils because they practise! And ballet – i juts love the sound of that – and tutus compulsory! A gorgeous read #passthesauce

    1. To be honest I think a ’40 before 50′ might have been more realistic! 🙂 I know I really need to learn the drums don’t I – thanks for reading and commenting – watch this space…

  4. I love this idea. I’m 38 in July so I would possibly have to tame down my list somewhat, but I like the theory behind it! You’ll have to keep us updated as you tick off your list! Good luck lovely xx

  5. I had clear braces fitted at 30-well, to be honest they weren’t that clear. Actually they were more like train tracks that just happened to be white. Best thing I ever did (apart from having my son of course) and I wished I’d done it sooner (much like having a child!) I definitely recommend it. #passthesauce

  6. Love this idea! I remember my Mum coming up with a similar list, probably at around the same age (which is pretty terrifying as I’m probably the same age as she was now!!) Your list reminded me because one of hers was a hot air balloon ride – not something you’d ever catch me doing! I think my list would be more sedate (we did sign up for National Trust membership last weekend – that’s probably more along my lines of a list! When did my Mum become more exciting than me?!!) #Bloggerclubuk

  7. Oooh, a great idea!! And a great list!!!! Yes, I’d definitely stop stressing about turning 40, and embrace it!! My husband turned 40 last year, and towards the end his stress reached fever pitch, and I thought he was going to have a huge midlife meltdown!! But after a huge party, he’d had a great time, and accepted it! As an avid dancer, can I suggest you learn the dance from the Dirty Dancing finale?! So iconic, and that’d be very very cool!! I wanted to do it for my first dance at my wedding, but it was vetoed by my husband!! I’d also like to visit Slovenia, and would love to see the NYE fireworks in London!! Afternoon tea at the ritz is also on my bucket list, I absolutely have to do it!! Good luck ticking these off, let us know when you’ve done each one!

    1. Really? – how funny bless him. Oooh I know it was good fun thinking it up, hopefully even more fun to work through!! Yes I think I’ll be fine if I just hide under the duvet for a day or two 🙂 Oh can you imagine the Dirty Dancing finale would be so cool! Thanks for reading – yes will keep you updated as I go x

  8. That’s a fabulous list. Unfortunately, I have passed the deadline but am willing to watch from the bleachers😉 Give it a go, if nothing else, you’ll have a great time doing all these fabulous things! x #bloggerclubuk

  9. Good list! In my experience fireworks in London on New Year’s Eve is not so successful when your train gets held up because of a drunken riot in the carriage next to you – during which a man lost one shoe – so you miss getting into the cordoned area and have to watch it from very far away with some large buildings and a tree in the way… Don’t think I’ll be bothering with that again but I guess I could tick it off your list!!! I did have a can of gin and tonic and some random man shared his tin of biscuits with us so not a complete loss… I have 5yrs 5mths I go so better get writing my own list! #twinklytuesday

  10. Haha I’ve got two years in October if I challenge myself with this list, I also read Stevie’s and thought I better get cracking!! Love your list, some great ones there, I would also want to learn to dance, I’ve always wanted to try salsa, have been asking the hubby for years! Good luck with your list! X #BloggerClubUK

  11. Hah! I love a list and this sure is one big to do list! I like that you’ve got some easy and hard ones on here. I’m 41 this year, so I’ve been thinking I could perhaps do a list of what I’ve learnt before 40?! Shouldn’t take long! #BloggerClubUK x

  12. Love this. Great idea. although I always seem to fail and then feel bad – like resolutions. Mine should read: try not to be late for 2 days in a row, try not to eat junk for 1 day, try not to fall over something/myself for 1 week. These may well be within reach, but a hot air balloon sounds more fun! x #coolmumclub

  13. Clear braces is on my 50 before 50 list – it’s taken a year but it’s been worth every penny. Would also recomment Xmas Carols at the Royal Albert Hall, took my teenagers when they were younger and they loved it. Look forward to the updates.

  14. I really want to do one of these lists in a couple of years time. You have some good things to aim for, realistic ones too!
    I’m 28 and I still can’t swim, we also watch the New Year fireworks on tv but I would love to go and see them just once 🙂

  15. I shy away from doing things like this as I never know what I’d write but this is superb. (I’d also have to come up with 10 more things for my list…) 1) Yes me too with the poker. I learned it years ago but could never remember the rules. 6) I couldn’t tread water or swim in deep water before I moved to Malta. Terrified. Now I jump into the sea alone! So good luck. 15) Yep had my first ever girls weekend believe it or not only just over a year ago.
    23) Never knew they were called the 11s! Mine are so bad after years of frowning at the kids.
    This is just great Charlie. Love your blog. My cup of tea (or Merlot). Good luck with selling the kidney and thanks for linking to #passthesauce

    1. Haha I would LOVE to hear your 50 things!! Will keep updating as I (hopefully!) work my way through. Oh wow now that’s a pretty good reason to learn to swim. Actually mine’s more of an angry 1 than an 11 but given a couple more years of motherhood…😄 Aww I am so glad you are enjoying the blog, I’m sort of figuring it out as I go so it always surprises me when anyone says they like it 😂 Loving the linky, thanks for hosting x

  16. Fab list! I love bucket lists like these, such a great idea. Lots of fun and interesting things to tackle, cant wait to read how you get on with them 😉 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

  17. I too would love a proper grown up camera. All of my photos are taken on my iphone, which for now is handiest since it’s always nearby. This is a lovely idea to make a list & start ticking things off! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x

    1. Yes I think I’d spend even more time faffing about with a proper camera but would be a lovely skill to learn. Am already working on a few – watch this space! Thanks for hosting x

  18. Loved the last one! It’s always a great idea to list the things down you want to do because before you know it, it’s all come and gone. Good luck with your list and I look forward to reading all about them as you tick them off one by one.

  19. 6-pack meaning abs… that is funny because I thought you meant 6-pack of beer. That is how far it is from my consciousness. Might start my 50 by 50 list, but with 2 years to go I will make it more like ‘Watch Game of Thrones’
    We are together on #BlogStars courtesy of Prabs.

    1. ha ha well that kind of 6-pack is definitely more realistic 🙂 Yes, I like your thinking, you need to ease yourself into these things right?! Ah good ol Prabs, nice to meet you! x #BlogStars

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