High on any kid’s list of favourite pass-times are making a mess and stuffing their greedy little faces with junk. It goes without saying then that baking, an activity that combines both these things, is always a winner. While I do a lot of baking when I have the kitchen to myself, I rarely have the patience or inclination to allow my two little helpers in on the act ‘just for fun’. This recipe is my secret weapon for those times when I can no longer avoid the joy that is baking with children. It’s simple enough for the kids to get involved, quick, has 3 basic ingredients and best of all uses little equipment so you won’t be left with a mountain of washing up.

If you’ve attempted to bake with kids before you’ll already know that they have zero interest in measuring out the ingredients or lining baking trays. All this stuff is boring. They basically want to get their hands covered in goop and eat the end results as soon as possible even if it means first degree burns to the tongue. Just get everything prepped beforehand (it won’t take long in this instance) and I promise things will be 100% less painful.

Ingredients: 100g softened butter or Stork, 50g caster sugar, 150g self raising flour.

Preheat oven 180C/160C fan and line 2 baking sheets with parchment

Method: Beat butter and sugar until soft and fluffy. Add flour and beat until mixed in. Squash the mixture together to make a dough. Pinch little pieces off to roll into balls about the size of a Lindt Lindor. Lay on baking trays, spaced out evenly and gently press each one down with a fork to flatten slightly.

Bake for 15-20 mins (enough time for you to do the other boring bit, washing up) until golden on top.

Allow to cool. We get about 24 out of each batch which allows for a couple of ‘testers’ per chef, a decent amount for the cookie jar and enough to fill a little bag which we took on a play date that afternoon.

Job done. Minimal fuss and hopefully your play date will assume you’re a domestic goddess and repay the favour when they visit.

PS: If you can be bothered, adding lemon or orange zest makes these little biscuits extra scrummy.

So there you go, next time you hear “Mummy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease can we do some baking?” you’ll have the perfect recipe to get the job done with minimal fuss and the kids will think you’re the best mum ever. I’d love to hear from you if you do try it  – obviously you can just bake them for yourself while the tiddlers are at school, they’re dangerously good with a cuppa.

You Baby Me Mummy

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  1. Ha! I love that you’re unit of measuring the appropriate size for a ball of biscuit mixture is a Lindt Lindor!!! I love Lindt Lindor! (More than biscuits….Event the 3 ingredient variety).

    But the girls are in Mr T’s good books because they bought him something even better than Lindt or homemade biscuits for Father’s Day ….A Waffle Maker!!! So we may not need the emergency 3 ingredient biscuit child boredom buster just yet! THey look fab though!

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