Whaddya mean never heard of it? The famous ‘100 Things Chuck Out Challenge’? Come on you must have seen the book? Alright, I admit I made it up. I mean AS IF someone could write an entire (best-selling) book about chucking stuff out and how it can lead to a more confident, successful you, giving you the courage to move on from negative relationships, achieve all your life goals and even lose weight while dancing in a meadow with magical unicorns, or something. That would be INSANE.

I just fancied chucking some stuff out and thought 100 things would be a nice little challenge (yes I do know I need to get out more thank you very much). I’m generally pretty good at ditching stuff and even have my own little mantra: ‘If in doubt, chuck it out’, with one small caveat being ever-so-slightly out of date food, in which case I’m a bit more ‘It’s probably fine, just scrape that bit off’.

Anyway, much to my 5yr olds disgust I’m constantly sneaking her “really, really most favourite ever *insert useless tat*” into the bin while she’s at school. In fact I’m pretty sure she’s become the terrible hoarder she is as a direct result of my efforts to rid the house of her junk prized possessions. Mean Mummy.

To address this I’ve implemented a pre-chuck stage, a ‘trash stash’ if you will, where I now temporarily move the offending items into a secret holding station (cupboard under the stairs – shhhhhh!) and if Flump doesn’t sniff it out like a little truffle pig it gets ditched the next week. Small victories.


Due to the school holidays starting stupidly early this year I didn’t get a chance to do my annual, sneaky pre-Christmas toy cull in preparation for the arrival of shiny new treasures. Eye-twitch aside, the shiny new treasures proved to be a welcome distraction and I actually managed to ‘relocate’ some of the old stuff unnoticed! What. A. Buzz. The risk of getting caught at any moment, the thrill of concealing that Moshi Monster up one sleeve while they were right there next to me, oblivious.

Ahh it took me back to the time I managed to eat the last Cornetto while the kids were in the kitchen with me and didn’t suspect a thing, one of my personal favourites in terms of parental achievements. So, a Happy Meal toy here, an odd Barbie shoe there and before I knew it my work was done and all was well.

But I wanted more. Like an adrenalin junkie I was already itching for my next hit. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, pants drawers…nowhere was safe and well, now I’d set myself a challenge the game was ON!

In about an hour I’d gathered together the following:

4 books, 1 coffee machine, 3 pairs of shoes, 12 items of clothing, 50 pairs undies/socks, 17 items beauty/ expired medicine, 1 bag Baobab powder, 6 toys/kids tat, 6 kitchen items.


100 things sounds like a lot but I reckon I could do this on a monthly basis without too much effort, I might even get to dance with the unicorns if I do it properly! What do you think? Are you a hoarder or a chucker-outer? Are you up for the (world famous) 100 things challenge? I’d love to know if anyone tries it!

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  1. I think it’s more of a weekly basis for me and my hubby, we’re both a bit lacking in sentimentality. And I have a major loathing and disgust of plastic tat. Obviously my children only have beautiful wooden toys and have a love affair with used toilet rolls (just to clarify, I don’t mean used tissue!!) Not!! There’s still a tiny bit of plastic tat.
    So it’s not be so much of a challenge for me I’m afraid and have decided to sit this one out. If you’d be so kind as to describe how you managed the cornetto challenge though, I’d happily let you coach me in that area #thiswomansahero!!

    Ps. I love your posts.

  2. I love your idea of the pre-chuck stage! I think I’d fail miserably at this challenge. I’m a serial hoarder which gets on my husband’s nerves. If I do manage to chuck something out, I later blame my husband for ‘forcing’ me to get rid of it! #thelist

  3. I love a good purge now and again and I agree that once you get started it’s hard to stop! My drawers are busting at the seams and we need to move house in a few months so it’s time I got ruthless! #BigPinkLink

  4. Mess and Merlot, you are my favourite! This had me snorting, because it’s me!!!!! I’m unsentimental mummy. The time period from art work coming home to artwork in the recycling (mummy, how did this get here?) is miniscule! I’m always trying to smuggle out teddies or put them in our own holding station (the loft) until I can GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE! Brilliant!

    1. Hee hee, so glad it’s not just me that pretty much empties the school bags into the recycling bin!! 🙂
      Think I might make this a monthly task in my house – 1200 less ‘treasures’ a year sounds good right? 🙂 x

  5. Ha!! This is hilarious!! Loving your incredible stealth powers-you must be superhuman!! Those God damn happy meal toys and kinder egg toys get hoarded to within an inch of their lives in this house!! Getting rid of those suckers is like mission impossible. I had a big chuckle at the baobab powder being chucked out too!! I’m really good at chucking stuff out, apart from clothes-I get really sentimental over them and hold on for dear life! I wish I could get rid of all the kids toys though-pretty much all of them get on my nerves!

  6. What did you do with the stuff that you ‘chucked’ ? I find it really easy popping all the crap I don’t need into bags or boxes but then I never know what do do with it! occasionally Ill do a car boot sale… or try sell it on Facebook… or just take it to a charity shop if all else fails! <3

  7. It’s funny how quickly you can gather 100 things! Great challenge and well done on your stealth trashing, as a new mum it’s good to know what I’m in for! #bigpinklink

  8. I would take part but I had a MAMMOTH clear out just after Christmas & little man’s birthday. 3 bin bags later and I felt ridiculously cleansed!! My little one has now told me we can have another clear out when he turns 5. I guess I’ll be doing it sneakily like you between now and then! #bloggerclubuk

  9. 100 individual things sounds like a lot.
    As long as you dont start buying things with the intention of getting rid of them straight away it should work out well though 🙂

  10. You make this look quite do-able, very encouraging. I wish I had taken more photos of my kids artwork before binning it, as one day they suddenly stopped making any, it was like art had fallen off a cliff. #BloggerClubUK

  11. I like a good chuck-out. it’s really cathartic. I’m a sentimental soul when it comes to schoolwork though, I must admit. This is so well written, very funny indeed! I can totally relate, and wish I’d taken photos of my recent ‘pile of tat’ clear-our. #TheListLinky

  12. Oh my goodness, it really does add up doesn’t it. I actually shouted 50 pairs of pants at your blog! I would ask where on earth do these get stashed, but I can’t talk. We have the same problem over here and my wardrobe is currently harboring a sack full of old soft toys. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam 🙂 xx

  13. Great post, I NEED to do this! my boys bedroom is crazy for toys!! don’t get me started on my kitchen!! My sister says if you have not used it in 6 months then you don’t need it!


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