It’s been exactly a week since my first blog post. It’s out there, floating around like the new girl in class, smiling at all the other mummy blogs shyly, giving a little wave while thinking “please like me, please like me” but mostly getting ignored by the cool girls who’ve earned their spot at the top through hard work and dedication.

Rightly so. There is no magic formula for a successful blog but if you’re willing to put in the hours reading, researching and trying to figure stuff out (oh and actually enjoying the process of learning along the way) then at best, other people will want to read it too and at worst you get to enjoy your own little corner of the internet to do with as you please!

It’s a strange feeling, writing a blog entry that may in fact never be read – a bit like the online equivalent of talking to yourself. I definitely feel a bit crazy doing it- but I like it!!

Since my last post I’ve been swotting up, there’s a lot of ‘how do I…, beginner’s guide to… and ‘top tips for new bloggers’ in my search history. What do I blog about? Who is my target audience? What identity do I want my blog to have? Basically A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Obviously there are many amazing bloggers who I enjoy following (check out my blogroll) but I don’t want to (nor could I even attempt to) steal their style.

It seems obvious that I blog about what I know and love, mainly my family, my home, food, fun and the odd random sparkly life-size unicorn thrown in for the hell of it (don’t you just love TK Maxx?!). I want my posts to be honest, light hearted and enjoyable. I want you to know that I am human. I want this to be a journal of all of the above in one place like an online equivalent of a child’s sprawling ‘What I did this Summer’ scrapbook. I think Oscar Wilde, my undisputed king of quotes says it perfectly, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”


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Thanks for dropping in to my brand spanking new-born blog. This is my first ever post (go easy on me) and I am so excited and a little nervous to be dipping my toes in the pool of Mummy blogging. It feels exactly like the moment between being belted into your seat, and climbing the Big Dipper!

A big fan of many of the other amazing Mummy blogs out there for years, reading mainly when my babies were sleeping and I should have been catching up on housework or doing something remotely productive, you know how it goes. This year my littlest started Big School and after a few busy months with building work at home and the excitement of Christmas now a distant memory I feel ready to start something for myself. A little corner of the internet for me to share my thoughts on family life, food, style and general chin wagging with similar minded big people with little people.

If you would like to know a little bit about me please click on the About tab above. Feedback, comments and hellos are very much encouraged, you can do so below.

I really look forward to getting to know you and hope you enjoy visiting my blog (even if the baby is sleeping and you should probably be doing something else!)


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