So recently I’ve been contemplating going back to work sometime in the near future. Both the kids are in full time education and so the opportunity to return to the workplace is there if the right position were to come along.

Of course this would mean a real change to our current family dynamic and would bring with it a whole heap of challenges, childcare during holidays being the biggest and most obvious one.

In January I decided to dust off my CV have a tentative look to see what was out there (if anything) that would suit my requirements. I’m not really looking to get back on the career ladder as such, just something admin based that I can do well while still being around for the family as much as I can.

So here I am, noseying around on jobsites for something that might be remotely suitable when I spot an interesting little post that appears to tick a lot of boxes. On a whim I click the ‘Apply for this job’ button for the craic, my CV gets whizzed off through the interwebs and I crack on with life never giving it a second thought.

Until a few weeks later when I get a call from the company inviting me for an interview!! After a brief pause while I suddenly realised she hadn’t got the wrong number and that I had indeed applied for an actual job, I arrange an interview date.

Right, ok then. So that happened. I’m going for a job interview. For a job. A job that could actually be my job. It’s just an interview though, not an offer so no biggie right? If anything I should go purely because the last time I had a job interview I was a mere child, pre-marriage or parenthood, so I could really do with the practice.

Obviously I discussed it with Himself and he agreed that whatever the outcome I should go for the interview regardless.

So I did, this morning.

Two hours later they called to offer me the job.

Shiz just got real.

So now it’s a reality and I need to decide one way or another but I’m completely torn. I’m pleased, obviously, to have been offered the position but in my heart I just don’t know if this is the right time or if I’m just scared of the impact on our lives. As I’m writing this I feel like I’m being over dramatic about the whole thing but in truth I’m terrified. The kids have only ever known me as a SAHM and accepting this job will be a big change for them particularly during school holidays.

There are so many things to consider and I probably just need to sleep on it and then work through the practicalities of everything on paper tomorrow.

I’d really love to know what you think – any words of wisdom if you’ve had to make this decision yourself?


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  1. Eek!!! Charlie! This is news!! Firstly congrats on getting out there and getting through an interview. Then next I guess it comes down to details. Is it part time / full time? Can you pick kids up from school or need after school clubs and breakfast clubs? Do you have family nearby to support in holidays? Etc. Etc. As they’re both at the same school I guess breakfast clubs etc make it a bit easier and they are together? Go with your gut girl. Whatever you decide you’ve done brilliantly to get this!! Well done! Xx
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